What You May Not Know About Nova Physician Wellness Center


Nova Physician Wellness Center is a practice that focuses on the well-being of your entire family. For a  weight loss specialist in Fairfax, Nova Physician Wellness Center leads in the treatment of Virginia residents. For the best services in the state, you should visit the practice for long-lasting results.

About Nova Physician Wellness Center

Nova Physician Wellness Center aims to help you lead a healthy lifestyle, accomplish weight loss, and improve your health. At the practice, Dr. Rohit Suri and Dr. Seema Chaudhary lead a team of certified staff members in the treatment of children over twelve, men, and women. The practice uses their knowledge and experience of more than ten years in obesity management.

Nova Physician Wellness Center gives you access to high standards of weight management through a holistic approach. Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Suri are board-certified family physicians and one of the best weight loss specialists with experience of about fourteen years.

Dr. Suri drafts an individualized treatment plan incorporating nutritional, medical, and exercise therapies effective for your physique. Dr. Chaudhary helps you achieve the healthiest weight, reverse cardiovascular factors, and maintain your wellness.

Nova Physician Wellness Center emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the future. The practice makes good use of medically proven methods that are safe and effective for weight loss and maintaining your best look. Through the doctor supervised weight loss, you can effectively get rid of excess weight and get long-lasting results.

When you visit the practice, your first step is a consultation that you can schedule through the online scheduler. New and subsequent visitors are welcomed to call the practice to get the best services from Nova Physician Wellness Center.

Why Should I Visit Nova Physician Wellness Center?

  •       Board-Certified Obesity Medicine Specialists – Nova Physician Wellness Center houses specialists like Rohit Suri, MD, Seema Chaudhary, MD, Daniel Powers, MSN, NP-C, Dana Jones-Sheppard, MSN, NP-C, and Shinda L. Star, MSN, FNP-C.
  •       Individualized Treatment Plans – Conclusive tests and diagnoses are run to determine the best treatment plan for your condition. Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary emphasize the importance of individualized treatment plans incorporating medical, nutritional, and exercise therapies designed for your unique physique designs.
  •       Medically Supervised Programs – Through the medically supervised programs, you can get the highest quality of services. In the testimonials, you will encounter satisfied customers looking to get the best in future endeavors in and out of practice.
  •       Affordable Weight Loss – Nova Physician Wellness Center uses certified methods to facilitate free weight loss. Before visiting the practice, you can contact the center to learn more about the available list of services at the center and how to stay healthy.
  •       Proven Results – there are many clients that have made single or multiple visits. Through the online booking system, you could book an appointment to meet Dr. Suri or Dr. Chaudhary for immediate and long term results.

Other Services Offered at Nova Physician Wellness Center

  •       Obesity treatment
  •       Pediatric obesity
  •       Pediatric weight loss
  •       Telehealth
  •       Telemedicine
  •       Weight loss counseling
  •       Weight maintenance
  •       Wellness programs

Bottom Line

Nova Physician Wellness Center is an affiliate of the Privia Medical Group. Before your first or subsequent visits, you can call the practice or book an appointment online.