What You Need to Know About Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

Have you ever felt you don’t feel comfortable about your gender? You may feel you are not comfortable in your skin as a man or a woman. The solution is transgender medicine, as it will assist you in fitting in society. One of these transgender medicines is feminizing hormone therapy. This therapy involves the changing of secondary sexual characteristics of a transgender person from masculine to feminine. Feminine hormone therapy requires a specialist. Dr. Matt Pabis, MD, is a New York transgender medicine specialist that takes pride in his work and delivers quality health care. Together with his team, they will guide you through the treatment.

Why is Feminine Hormone Therapy Done?

The therapy is mainly used to alter your hormones so that they can match your gender identity. Some people experience stress and discomfort as a result of their sex-related physical characteristics and their gender. There are several reasons why feminine hormone therapy is done, and they include:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved sexual satisfaction
  • Improve psychological and social functioning
  • Reduced emotional and psychological distress
  • Make gender dysphonia less severe

According to research, feminizing hormone therapy is considered safe and effective. Its treatment is recommended to start before developing secondary sex physical characteristics to enable the teens to go through puberty in their identified gender.

What are some of the Risks of Therapy?

If you go through feminine hormone therapy, you might be exposed to some risks in the body. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before proceeding with the treatment. This is because some complications or body changes can arise as a result of the treatment. Below are some of the complications.

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Nipple discharge
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Weight gain
  • Infertility

It would be best to have advice and constant monitoring after the therapy to ascertain that no complication has developed. Some of the risks are fatal if not properly checked to ensure you are fully fit.

How Do You Prepare for Feminizing Hormone Therapy?

As a prep form, the doctor will first start with the checkup to ascertain that you do not have any prevailing condition that might contraindicate treatment. You doctor may evaluate on a few personal tests, such as:

  • A review of immunization
  • A physical exam of your external reproductive organs
  • A review of personal and family medical history
  • Lab tests of measurement of liver enzymes, blood sugar, and blood count.

Your doctor might also access your behavioral health evaluation to establish your candidacy. Some of the evaluation consideration might include:

  • Your gender identity and dysphonia
  • Mood or other prevailing medical conditions
  • Sexual health concerns

Transgender medical specialist discourages adolescent younger than 18 not seeing the doctor without a proper guardian to discuss the risks posed by the therapy.

Contact a Transgender Medicine Specialist Today

There is no need for you not to feel comfortable about yourself. At first, most people were skeptical about transgender medicine. However, the perception has changed, and more people have embraced this form of medicine. Feminizing hormone therapy has offered an opportunity for anyone that the doctor recommends as qualified to have the therapy and become their true self. If you consider feminizing hormone therapy, visit Dr Matt Pabis, MD in Manhattan, New York. Call him today and schedule an appointment.