What You Need To Know About Periodontics


Have you ever experienced gum bleeding when you are brushing your teeth?

Does your mouth smell awfully?

If yes, you probably suffered from various periodontics, which refers to a branch of dentistry science that emphasizes the structures that support the surrounding teeth. According to this definition, a periodontist is a professional specialist specializing in applying practical methods to prevent and treat these kinds of diseases if necessary. It is noticeable that if periodontics doesn’t be treated on time, it may cause irreparable effects on your health and has hard damage to your jawbones. In some cases, it can make some big holes in your gum. As a result, you miss your teeth. Based on a trusted dentist in Oakville, around half of emergency dental issues are related to gum disease. Read this article to be familiar with different types of diseases and their symptoms.

How Can You Realize, It’s Time to Visit a Periodontist?

 A regular dentist usually can treat some periodontal problems but keep it in mind that in some other serious cases, you need to visit a periodontist.

It is necessary to mention that different researches indicate some periodontal issues have connections with some chronic health problems. Different examples of these issues are; diabetes, heart disease, and different types of cancer.

The Variety of Treatment That Is Expected to Be Done by a Periodontist

In the first appointment, the periodontist doesn’t start to treat what is wrong with it because it needs to have a review of your medical history. If you take any medication or are under treatment because of some serious issues such as diabetes or heart disease, it is necessary to inform the specialist.

Since pregnant women are at a higher risk of periodontal issues such as premature deliveries and low-weigh birth, don’t forget to inform your dentist. When the periodontists review the medical history and your explanation, they provide some advice on the best treatment for you.

Different Type of Periodontal Diseases

Gingivitis: The earliest type of issue is gingivitis. This issue happens when a thin layer sits along the gumline, which is called plaque, and causes some infection, redness, and tenderness. It is composed of bacteria and leftovers. When the plaque gets hardened, it turns to another type called tartar.

Deep pocket: if you don’t attempt to treat gingivitis as soon as possible, it can expand to the surrounding area, and as a result, you may experience bleeding gums when you are brushing or flossing your teeth.

The Necessity of Treating Periodontal Diseases Immediately

 When we talk about periodontal diseases, it doesn’t mean that it brings bleeding gums or bad birth, one of the big reasons that adult lose their teeth is unsolved periodontal issues. In addition, consider that there’s a big connection between periodontal infection and serious sicknesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses.

In conclusion, pay more attention to your oral health and if you have one of the symptoms we mentioned above, make an appointment to visit a professional periodontist as soon as possible to prevent serious effects.