What You Should Know About a Well Woman’s Exam

Woman’s Exam

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A well-woman examination is a series of tests conducted on a woman to evaluate various reproductive health elements. The tests cover a wide range of components and include pelvic examinations, breast examinations, and other tests.

Most well-woman exams are conducted annually by an OB/GYN. However, you can have them up to four times a year if you choose.

There are many unknown facts about well-woman exams. The following are some to enlighten you:

You Can Start as Early as Puberty

Once a woman enters puberty, she should start having well women’s exams at least once a year. Her reproductive system is changing and becoming fertile and should be monitored for the sake of her health.

Many parents have reservations about taking their children for well-woman examinations that early. However, it is completely safe, and a parent can always benefit from knowing more about her child’s health.

The earlier you start going to the OB/GYN, the more truthful and honest your relationship will become, making taking care of your reproductive health easier.

Get Them Even After Menopause

A common misconception is that you no longer need to visit the OB/GYN once you enter menopause. The truth is you may need even more than before since your entire body is aging.

You should get a well-woman exam at least once a year, even as you age. There is much still going on with your reproductive system, and medical monitoring is essential.

More importantly, there are health concerns menopausal women need to address that younger women do not. Therefore, an OB/GYN will be indispensable in helping you navigate challenging times during menopause.

It Can Help Detect Diseases Early

With all diseases, prevention is better than cure. However, catching the disease in the early stages comes in second.

One fact about having a well-woman exam even once a year is that certain diseases can be revealed in their infancy when it is easy to cure them.

Pelvic and breast cancer are two diseases that women are especially privy to and need to be detected as early as possible. Pelvic and breast examinations during your annual well-woman exam will reveal any issue with your reproductive system.

You can also detect other diseases early, such as those that affect the respiratory or immune systems in a well-woman exam. You can hence take the appropriate measures to remedy them.

Benefits of Mental Health

Sexual and reproductive diseases constitute a significant cause of mental health issues in a lot of people. The reason is that it is challenging to talk about them and may lead you to isolate yourself from others.

A well-woman exam reveals all you need to know about your reproductive health. Diseases can be detected early and cured. Being aware of your health helps you have an optimally functioning reproductive system.