What You Should Know About Vaginal Revitalization


Many women’s vaginal tissues alter as they age, resulting in symptoms like urine incontinence and laxity. Vaginal rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment option, allowing you to enjoy reduced scarring and recovery time as compared to open surgery. Vaginal revitalization is available at Broward Specialty Group’s three clinics in Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, and Coconut Creek, FL. To establish if vaginal revitalization is appropriate for you, schedule a consultation with a Coconut Creek vaginal revitalization expert through mobile or book online.

What Are the Benefits of Vaginal Revitalization?

Any therapy which restores moisture, tightness, and tone to tissues in the vulvovaginal region is known as vaginal revitalization. Broward Specialty Group’s urology staff utilizes innovative, energy-based technology to accomplish vaginal regeneration without recuperation time or surgery.

Other advantages of vaginal revitalization include enhanced lubrication and blood flow, improved sexual enjoyment, and enhanced bladder control.

What Conditions Can Vaginal Revitalization Address?

Vulvovaginal tissues alter in women for various causes, such as hormone imbalances, childbirth, and the aging process. Vaginal atrophy is the medical term for these alterations. Vaginal atrophy could also be caused by some medical procedures, like chemotherapy for cancer.

These changes can result in bothersome symptoms, which impair your life quality.

· Vaginal laxity.

· Vaginal dryness.

· Urinary incontinence.

· Burning and itching in the vaginal area.

· Dryness of the vaginal canal.

· Excruciating intercourse.

Broward Specialty Group’s non-invasive vaginal revitalization could also enhance the look of your labia and vagina, making tight apparel and bathing suits more comfortable to wear.

How to Determine If You Are the Right Candidate for Vaginal Revitalization?

If you have seen variations in your vaginal tissues causing problems, you could be a fit for vaginal revitalization. These include:

· Reduced self-assurance.

· Vaginal agony or discomfort.

· Controlling your bladder is a challenge.

· Pain during intercourse.

· Exercising and wearing particular clothes causes discomfort.

These alterations could be caused by dehydration, loss of vaginal tone, and irritating cosmetic issues. Understand that you are not alone if you are worried about vaginal symptoms. Countless women have vaginal discomfort, and Broward Specialty Group’s empathetic staff is ready to assist.

What Can You Anticipate From a Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure?

To confirm that vaginal revitalization is correct for you, your Broward Specialty Group practitioner evaluates your health records and conducts a physical assessment. They will inquire regarding your concerns and treatment goals before creating a customized vaginal revitalization strategy for you.

Broward Specialty Group offers vaginal revitalization treatments that do not necessitate cuts, anesthesia, or needles and can be done straight in the office. The process usually lasts less than 15 minutes and is painless.

You could resume your normal activities immediately following your vaginal revitalization therapy. Whenever it is safe to resume sexual activity, your physician will inform you. Following your therapy, you could realize an improvement in vaginal tightness, tone, sensation for up to 12 months.

Are you looking to enhance your intimacy with vaginal revitalization? Get started by contacting Broward Specialty Group in Florida, to talk to a team member or request a consultation online right away.