When Should You take a Pregnancy Test


A lot of women are there, who want to know how soon they can know if they are pregnant or not.  Well, there are some symptoms which can offer hints to one about probable pregnancy. If one finds such symptoms, there are some tests which can be carried out and know about positive or negative result immediately. Some of the symptoms are prompt while for a few others one has to wait for a few days.

It all starts with the missing period:

If you’ve missed your period and you think that you might be pregnant, you can take an over the counter pregnancy test, and if it’s positive, then you’re pregnant. However in any case, if it is negative there is still a chance of you being pregnant as there are some reasons due to which the result may be negative. Hence to be on a safe side you must check the same after few more days.

Why does a test show negative even if you’re pregnant?

If, you carry out the pregnancy test, and if it is negative, than your period should start in just a few days. In many cases one may get result as negative but it may not be accurate.

The low level of HCG is the reason that you may get a false result. The test is based on this hormone only and in case you do not have sufficient hormone it may offer a false result and indeed you may be pregnant also. So, give it a few days. Wait for those hormones to continue to rise and then after a few days may be they’ll be detected by the test at the time.

It is recommended to just wait until your next period to start and again if it doesn’t start then take a test! And if that one is again negative, wait another week and if you still haven’t started your period at that point take another test and you might be pregnant!

When to take a pregnancy test?             

If you’ve any suspicions of being pregnant and of course you want to know as soon as possible.

Is it positive or negative?

The best time to take the pregnancy test is when that day comes that you should have started your period and you didn’t. That is the soonest that most pregnancy tests will be able to give you a reliable result. So, there’s a two-week waiting period which you have to complete somehow, and the pregnancy just cannot be detected before you pass that waiting period.

After completing the waiting period, you might want to take the pregnancy test again. If it still shows negative, continue to track down your bleeding patterns. If you go a total of three months without a period and you have ruled out pregnancy as the cause again, then it’s time to talk to your doctor. He is the right one who can investigate and prescribe a treatment for the irregular periods.