Where to Find One of the Cheapest Places to Buy DCA


Dichloroacetic Acid known as DCA is a compound with the chemical formula C12CHCOOH. It is basically acetic acid with 2 chlorines. DCA is a highly acidic chemical, so it is normally stored and then sold as various salts which reduce acidity to a pH level that is acceptable.

Lab produced

This lab produces DCA that is neutral with a liquid solution of 7.0 pH. The expertise that is being used was developed and realizes 99.9% premium pure graded Sodium Dicholoracetate. This product is the purest DCA on the market. Each batch is further tested for purity and then our lab will provide a Certificate of Analysis that will confirm the products condition.


DCA is a compound that is currently non-patentable. It can be used in therapies for most any type of cancer. Its use as chemotherapy is:

  • Cheap
  • Effective
  • Safe

It is one of the many non-patentable compounds that can save or extend the life of a person without making the family go bankrupt. Non-patentable simply means that no company or person can own all the rights to the use of this compound. It is because of this that no drug company will study and then do human trials – they would be spending money and then not be able to charge a huge sum for the drug as happens with other medications.


There have been many battles to get DCA to the world marketplace. Researchers at the University of Alberta battled against this from the very beginning. A lawyer that is connected with them called the owners of DCAsite.com a “criminal website.”

Other websites

There are still websites where one can buy DCA. All the products at this website are produced by their own private lab. Based in EU, all EU manufacturing practices and regulations have been followed with strict quality control. Those who own this website have control of all the manufacturing, sales and distribution processes so they provide a product of verily the highest quality at a low price.


If you have any doubts about DCA you will be able to find a website that has documented information on various successful uses of DCA on many different types of cancer.