Whether Weight Loss Surgery in Bariatrics Is for All Overweight People in Atlanta

Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery performed by Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA is not actually a weight loss program meant for those who are only slightly overweight. Bariatric surgery is intended to treat severely obese individuals who are either 100 pounds or even more overweight and whose health is jeopardized

The BMI or body mass index of a person is now the best way of deciding the degree of obesity. Since BMI takes into account both the height and weight of a person and adjusts for both men and women.

Who can qualify for this surgery?

Patients having the following BMI are eligible candidates for bariatric surgery.

  1. BMI is more than or at least equal to 40 i.e., about 100 lbs.
  2. People with BMI more than 35 or equal and who have any weight-related medical problems have the following issues
  • Diabetes
  • High BP or heart disease
  • High-fat levels or high cholesterol levels
  • Any breathing difficulties during sleep
  • Arthritis or joint pain
  1. You may though meet the physical requirement, but you can only have bariatric surgery in case you are motivated and well-informed. To be the right candidate for bariatric surgery, you must also meet the following:
  • Understand and also willing to accept all surgical risks.
  • Ready to change eating habits and diet.
  • Ready to commit to taking long-term follow-up care.

Diet and lifestyle changes needed before bariatric surgery

A consultation with the dietitians about your lifestyle habits and diet is part of the bariatric surgery evaluation process. Understanding eating habits, and making changes in your healthy lifestyle is also critical to the success of your weight loss.

The dietitians of Peachtree Surgical & Bariatrics in Buckhead will guide you all through a certain supervised weight loss process before surgery. Your insurance company in fact may need you to lose a little weight before surgery to ensure a successful outcome.

Psychiatric evaluation before going for bariatric surgery

We understand that losing weight after your bariatric surgery requires a holistic approach. Because psychological and other social factors are also important in long-term weight loss success, all participants in the bariatric surgery program will undergo a comprehensive pre-surgical psychological evaluation.

This psychological evaluation will assist us in ensuring that you have the best possible outcomes following your surgery.

Also, psychological evaluations are part of the standard procedure of our bariatric surgery team. Before undergoing bariatric surgery, most health insurance plans require patients to undergo a psychological evaluation.