Which is better shakeology or 310 shake


Meal replacement shakes have become so popular because many people are looking for healthy ways of losing weight. It has now seemed very difficult for people to choose the best option for the sole purpose of their health since so many products have engulfed the market. As it is, shakeology is a meal replacement shake with loads of nutrients and vitamins that contains at least 50% of the recommended daily intake per serving.

Shakeology contains only 160 calories per serving, 17 grams of proteins, wheat grass, barley grass, and fiber. The following nutrients boosts your energy levels and keeps you full throughout the day. Shakeology has various flavors which include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, greenberry, and the newly introduced vegan chocolate and strawberry-banana. It also includes whey protein which is easily absorbed into the body for proper absorption leading to build up of lean muscles. Its prebiotics and digestive enzymes which help in digestion and boosting the immune system.

310 shake it is one of the top emerging meal replacement shakes in the shelves today. What makes them different from other replacement shakes is that they keep their ingredients simple, low in sugar, no soy protein, and they do not use artificial sweeteners.

310 shake contains whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and fiber which helps your body to maintain a healthy weight. One serving of shake gives you 15 grams of protein which helps in keeping you full throughout the day. Its protein helps to stabilize the insulin levels which if left turns calories into fat.

The 310 shake contains the following nutritional breakdown, 90 calories, 1 gram sugar, 5 grams of dietary fiber, and 8 grams of carbohydrates. It comes in different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. A bag of 310 shake would cost you USD 68 for 28 servings, but it would reduce to USD 64 a bag if you are a time to time customer.

One scoop of shakeology shake is about 42 grams while one scoop of 310 shake is only 25.4 grams. This means you are actually paying the same price for each gram. In regards to taste, shakeology is much better and decadent. 310 shake does not taste bad either but it is less light flavor, and tastes less chocolaty.  In fact both 310 shake and shakeology are somehow comparable when it comes to keeping one full throughout the day. 310 shake can be daringly used as an alternative for shakeology. It has come out strong and according to research it can at least bare some similarity.

If in any chance you are looking for either a weight loss or meal replacement shake that will also work on your nutrition, shakeology is much better compared to 310 shake products. You cannot compare the nutritional benefits offered by shakeology with any other meal replacement shake.

It is actually very difficult to choose the best option between shakeology and 310 shake because they both rely on natural ingredients with no added artificial sugars in either. Though there must be one product that takes it all, which in this case the win goes to shakeology.