Why Funerals Should Be Pre-Planned

people at a funeral

When you plan a funeral service in advance, you can specify and design a service to your exact wishes. You also relieve the burden of planning a service during a difficult time. By letting your family know about your decision, they will have less difficulty in making any arrangements after you have passed away.

Uplifting Decorations and Songs

Almost every element of your memorial or funeral service can be customised as much as you wish, although you don’t have to personalise each and every aspect. When planning the details, think about how you want the service to appear. Many people wish to have services that celebrate their lives rather than present sad and sombre occasions. Therefore, you may want to choose colourful flowers, music and songs, and readings that are uplifting and inspirational.

Working with the Funeral Home during the Pre-Planning Stage

The best way to make your wishes known to funeral directors in Melksham is to sit down with them and talk about your plans. You may want to request that eulogists speak on specific subjects or select readings that concentrate on your personal philosophies. Needless to say, you can also make pre-planning easier by having friends and family help you plan your service. Work with the funeral home to ensure that you create the type of event that closely matches your feelings and preferences.

Elements That Can Be Added to Your Pre-Planning Checklist

Some of the elements of a funeral that can be planned in advance include the following:

  • The viewing or visitation before the service
  • The type of service (funeral service, memorial service, or graveside service)
  • The officiator of the service
  • The pallbearers at the service
  • The eulogists of the event
  • The selected hymns or songs
  • The kinds of decorations or flowers
  • Post-service receptions
  • The list of guests
  • Any donations that you wish to be made to charities

Religious Observances

Some funerals are dictated by a person’s religion as well. Speak with your religious leader in advance to make sure your service meets with the guidelines for the event.