Why You Need Supportive Bracing or Footwear


When you injure your leg, you may need to get some form of support before you recover fully. There are centers offering excellent bracing and footwear in Las Vegas.

There are many types of braces and supports you can wear when recovering from a foot, ankle, or knee injury. They will aid your progress and substantially reduce your recovery time.

The following are reasons why you may need to wear supportive bracing or footwear from an orthopedic surgeon or a foot and ankle specialist:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel is a medical condition whereby the mobility in your joints becomes severely debilitated. Even the slightest of movements become painful as your range of motion is severely limited.

Carpal tunnel syndrome mostly affects the hand and wrist bone structures. A brace can significantly help hold your hand in a certain position so you can regain your range of motion.

You can also use an elastic brace if your carpal tunnel syndrome is mild.

Spine and Neck Injury

Your spine is very important to the proper functioning of your body, especially as it pertains to movement. One of the most common injuries that cause damage to your spine, particularly to your neck, is whiplash from car accidents.

When your spine is damaged, or even a few vertebrae slip out of place, it can be devastating and painful. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get as much support to your neck as possible.

A neck brace can help your spine stay in place until the damage is effectively repaired. As you heal, the braces might have to change during the duration of your recovery.

Ankle Sprain

You will need supportive footwear if you suffer from an ankle sprain. If you tear tendons or ligaments in your ankle or break a bone, a brace might be indispensable to your recovery.

Ankle sprains can happen when walking on the street or playing sports. The nature of the injury will determine the brace you wear.

For severe injuries, the doctor may recommend a rigid brace that holds your ankle in place, whereas for mild injuries an ankle sleeve that allows you more range of motion will do just fine.

Chronic Pain

Long term pain is a common reason for wearing a brace, especially if the pain is the result of a displaced vertebra in your spine or a long-time injury.

A brace can correct structural damage to your bones and joints so that gradually it can be corrected and not cause you further pain. It can also prevent future injuries.


You will definitely need supporting bracing and footwear when you suffer from a fracture. A fracture is a cracked or broken bone.

When you break a bone, you lose the ability to use it at all. Furthermore, you need to avoid using the bone until it recovers.

Fractures will typically need rigid braces of footwear so that the bone heals itself. As it heals, fewer firm braces will be used so that you can regain the use of your foot.