Why You Should Buy and Use Raw Extract of the Yacon Plant


Using syrup raw extract from the yacon plant is beneficial than using processed extract packed with fillers. Yacon extract comes from the tuberous roots of this plant. The plant has been grown in the Andes Mountains for many years. It has been used by the Peru people over the years for its nutritional benefits. Raw syrup has low levels of sugar and few calories. Pure syrup has low levels of sugar and few calories. In Bolivia it was recommended for people with diabetic people suffering from diabetes. People with other renal and digestive disorders also used this extract.


This extract was also used by people with other renal and digestive disorders. In Brazil, the dry leaves of this plant were used to make tea which was used as an anti-diabetic.

Essential properties of the extract

This extract is made of Fructooligosaccharides or FOS as its active ingredient. It forms 50 percent of pure extract. When one consumes this extract, instead of increasing the level of glucose in the blood, it supplies the body with free fructose.

Fructose forms 35 percent of the pure extract. An evaporator is used to make the extract. This is similar to the evaporator used in making maple syrup. The extract has a taste that is similar to that of caramelized sugar and molasses. Studies conducted on this syrup have shown that is works as an antioxidant. Compared to enzyme solutions of mushroom, potato, edible burdock and eggplant this syrup is better.

When taken daily, the syrup helps in reducing body weight. Body mass index, wait circumference and body weight reduce significantly when taken by pre-menopausal women with excessive body weight.

Working of the pure extract

This extract can be beneficial to the body when taken properly.

Among the benefits that users of this extract can enjoy include the following:

Improvement in insulin insensitivity

Constipation relief

Increased level of good cholesterol in the body

Reduction in the bad cholesterol in the body

Loss of excessive body weight

Pure extract works as a pre-biotic. It works by helping the body to regulate bacteria in the intestines. Bacteria in the human intestines play a significant role in impacting digestion and absorption of food in the body. Eventually, this affects the weight of the user. People with the right bacteria in the intestine have better digestion and weight loss is even easier.

In addition, this syrup helps in losing weight by moderating food cravings and insulin. It also helps in suppressing appetite of the user. This ensures that users eat less and lose weight in a natural way. Currently, more studies are being done on this syrup to determine its impact on high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Recent revelations indicate that the syrup has more health benefits. These include helping in the absorption of important minerals in the body such as calcium.

Today, there are many brands of the syrup in the market. However, it is important to note that not all brands contain the syrup 100 percent. On realizing that more people are looking for this syrup, manufacturers have come up with different brands. These brands are now flooded in the market. However, not all products are genuine and of the best quality. As such, before you go shopping take your time to determine which brand is the best for you to purchase.