Why You Should Opt for Dental Crowns and Bridges


A cracked tooth might make you feel shy; fortunately, you can replace them with dental crowns and bridges that restore your confidence. To find the best tooth restoration procedures, you should find experts in Pembroke Pines crowns and bridges who meet your needs. You can lose a tooth due to an injury, decay, and infections, and this predicament should not prevent you from getting that beautiful smile that you love. There are many benefits to dental crowns and bridges that might make you relive that beautiful smile.

They Support Teeth That Have Been Damaged

Decay can be painful, especially if it affects the root nerves and makes it difficult to chew food. It will cause sensitivity when biting into cold or warm food, making it uncomfortable to eat your food effectively. Fortunately, you can replace lost teeth or those severely damaged due to decay with dental crowns and bridges.

Protect Teeth

Once teeth have decay, they are likely to get destroyed by the bacteria that form progressively. Even with proper hygiene, decay might continue to progress due to acids found in the mouth and as a result of acid reflux. The crowns on the teeth’ surface would act as barriers that prevent further damage to the teeth. Moreover, they are resistant to stains and decay and might be a long-lasting solution for your dental issues.

Can Protect Teeth from Root Canal Procedures

Decay and teeth damage progress over time when not treated appropriately, and they might become severe over time. Fortunately, crowns and bridges prevent further decay which keeps the root canal healthy.

Hold Together Broken Teeth

Sometimes a broken tooth might be susceptible to decay and damage, and the little cracks might let in food particles that break down and lead to bacterial growth. The bacterial growth on the cracks further damages the tooth. Fortunately, you can seal off the cracks with crowns and avoid further damage. Moreover, the crowns could hold together the broken teeth that might be likely to fall apart, restoring the tooth’s shape and giving you a beautiful smile.

They Can Cover Dental Implants

Although dental implants will look like your original teeth, some people would prefer to cover them with crowns that look like teeth. Moreover, crowns keep the implants healthy and avoid stains and corrosion due to acids in the mouth. Implants are expensive, and the crowns could increase their longevity, giving you value for the implants’ money.

They Improve the Appearance of the Teeth

Dental crowns can change the tooth’s shape and color, giving you the most appealing teeth that enhance your smile. They look realistic as they are like natural teeth, and a third party might not identify them unless you tell them your teeth have crowns.

The Bottom Line

Do not let stains and cracked teeth steal your smile. Dental crowns look like your teeth, and they could hold together broken teeth, prevent decay, and root canal procedures. Your dentists might also ask you to have them cover the dental implants to improve their longevity. You can opt to get them and enjoy the dental benefits associated with crowns and bridges.