Wine, Coffee and chocolates: important elements during gestation


Pregnancy and Caffeine

Coffee contains a very important element called as the Caffeine. Caffeine is potent narco stimulant which stimulates the nerve cells of the baby. Usage of coffee and chocolate during pregnancy is absolutely safe but it is dependent on the doses and concentration which taken. Usually, these elements that is the coffee and chocolate s are widely used by every woman during their menstrual period also as they will cause some relief to the pain during the menstruation period. In the pregnancy period it helps in increasing the blood flow and as they activate the nerve cells they will be helpful for suppressing the anxiety and stress that occurs during this age.

Importance of Coffee during Pregnancy

Coffee containing caffeine is one of the most popular drink among all of the human beings. In can be used at any time and in any condition. During pregnancy, this coffee definitely acts as the mood lifter for the mother. A mother during her gestational phase goes through a lot of stress and anxiety. As caffeine relaxes the nerve cells they help in giving a very calming sensation to the pregnant mothers. It also helps to increase the blood circulation between the fetus and the mother. It contains compound like the polyphenols which acts as anti-oxidants which kill many of the toxins of the body and also offers resistance against, many diseases. However, too much use can be harmful to the body too. Reports suggest that too much usage of caffeine might cause problems like the miscarriage.

Safety of chocolates during Pregnancy

Consuming chocolates is totally safe in a pregnant condition. Reportssuggest that eating dark chocolates might also reduce the chances of the problem of pre-eclampsia. Like coffee, it also acts as a mood lifter. However, many problems come in the scenario when it is used over the normal range. Eating a lot of chocolates might cause two main problems like the

  • It will reduce the normal appetite of the body so ultimately the mother won’t be able to eat other healthy food which is actually needed for the body.
  • Chocolates are high calorie food, which will increase the chances the unnecessary weight gain of the body.
  • It might also increase the blood sugar level in the pregnant woman and the chances of gestational diabetes also increase.

This usage must be in a proper limit to avoid all these problematic instances in this phase.

Consuming Wines in Pregnancy

Generally, alcohol when consumed in high amount cause problems. However, pregnancy and alcohol consumption occasional drinking might not cause a severe problem. Unfortunately due to lack of exact information to back up the doctors generally prescribes the restriction of the usage of the wines during pregnancy. Risks like, mental and physical disabilities in the baby can be high due to the consumption of wine.


Pregnancy needs very much restriction in very instances. So using foods like chocolate, coffee and wine during pregnancy have a lot of risk factors associated with it. Although, the first two are a bit safer than the last one.