3 Things to Ask at Your Next Doctor’s Appointment


If there is anything as certain as death and taxes, it’s that you will eventually need the assistance of a doctor. Millions of people every year seek the services of their primary care physician. We need maintenance and repair just like anything else in our lives.

However, many of us give our doctors a blind trust that can hurt us in the end. Yes, doctors are people anyone should be able to trust, but there is a level of self-awareness that we should maintain, as well.

This includes knowing about our own body, what we are putting into it and keeping those responsible for our care accountable. There are a few simple, but important, questions you should ask at each visit that will help you do just that.

Your Medication

There are going to those times in life where you run into a problem only fixable by medication. Some people can’t function without it. It’s especially needed as we get older and things just don’t work like they used. Be that as it may, you owe it to yourself to know what you are taking, why you are taking it, how it will affect you, and any side effects that you should be warned of.

You might also want to ask about how it might interact with any medication you are already on. Asking can prepare you for adverse reactions and can help you know when or if you need to get help. Your doctor may also be able to enlighten you on any less invasive alternatives, as well.

Any Procedures Done

When was the last time you had blood drawn or needed surgery? How much did you know about what was taking place? Another subject to investigate when you are visiting with your physician are the procedures he/she deem necessary to for maintaining your health.

You will want to ask about what the procedure is and what they are looking for? What will it entail from you and how long will it take. These questions can help you better understand your doctor’s concerns and take the anxiety out of the whole situation by knowing what to expect. Feel free to ask about the price of the procedure, as well.

Your Insurance

The last thing on the list to stay educated about, but certainly not the least, is your insurance. Your doctor will order what is needed to keep you healthy, but not everything is covered by every insurance. In order to keep your pocketbook as healthy as you are, you should take the time to ask a few questions about how your insurance will interact with the doctor’s plan of action.

Will your insurance cover the medication? Many insurances will not cover name brand medications. Ask your doctor about off-brand substitutions. Ask if procedures ordered are covered, as well. If they aren’t and you go through with it blindly, you will be the one stuck with the bill.

Lastly, ask if they outsource their medical billing. There is an unfortunate tactic on the rise where out-of-network providers are sending patients surprise bills. If you are like most, you can barely pay the bills you have. There is no room for surprises, here.

Your health is not something to guess at or be uneducated about. Take the time and refer to this article before your next doctor’s appointment.