8 Reasons Why People Gain Weight


Have you ever wondered why and how people gain weight? While genetic factors do play a role and few people tend to be overweight right from their childhood, the rest of the population become primarily due to several reasons like an improper diet, lack of sleep, eating out too much, and so on. Below, we take a brief look at eight popular reasons why people gain weight.

Diet Issues

Most of the people are overweight because of their haphazard diet. Earlier, food was scarce and people had to physically exert themselves for long hours at work. This essentially kept many people in good shape. However, with the food revolution of the past decades, three has been an explosion in the varieties of foods available for consumption. And most of these items are too rich in sugars, fats, and other things that are known to trigger weight gain. As a consequence, people’s diet now consists of unhealthy food items that only add to their weight and harms the health of your body. If you have been following such a lifestyle and have become fatter, we recommended that you try out the HCG diet protocol for weight loss. Follow the instruction of the program for the set number of weeks, and you should be able to burn out the excess fat in your body.

Eating Habits

In addition to the diet, eating habits will also influence your weight. If you have a habit of gulping down food rather than chewing it properly before swallowing, then you stand a risk of becoming overweight. As such, you should take special care in ensuring that you properly chew your food before you swallow. If you have a tendency to eat fast, then that can also result in weight gain. This is because the body generally requires about 20 minutes to feel satiated you eat the meals. So, if you swiftly eat the meals within 8 minutes, then you will likely not feel satisfied. As a result, you might eat even more food. And this overeating will cause you to pack on more weight.

Improper Sleep

Another reason why you might experience weight gain is sleep deprivation. It has been observed that when people tend to sleep for very few hours, they also tend to eat more food. Apparently, the brain tries to make up for the lack of sleep by increasing the food intake. In fact, an appetite center which is located in the brain is known to be directly connected to things like sleep deprivation. In addition, lack of sleep will also increase the stress levels, which will eventually result in increased fat storage in the body.

Excessive TV And Games

As TV and internet video has become more prominent, people have also become more physically inactive. While physical games were a source of enjoyment in the past, most teenagers choose to sit on their couch all day and play video games. Similarly, adults and kids choose to binge watch their TV shows without even taking a break from their comfortable sofas. Such types of behaviors also contribute to weight gain.

Intestinal Bacteria

The intestines of a human being are home to numerous bacteria that help up in digesting food. However, if there are any disturbances in the intestine, then the bacteria might not be able to digest the food properly. As a result, you are likely to end up gaining weight.

Too Many Eat-Outs

As restaurants have increased in number, people are eating out even more. And this can be a problem, especially when taking into account the fact that you really do not know the ingredients a restaurant uses in a meal. The cooks might put in extra salt, cheese, or other things that can result in weight gain. And the more you eat such outside food, the fatter you are likely to become. So, try to keep your eat-outs to a minimum. And even if you have to eat from a restaurant, talk to the waiter and order a healthier version of a food item.


Some drugs in the market are also known to increase weight. For example, a few anti-depressants can trigger weight gain by creating an imbalance in the hormonal levels.  And unfortunately, you might not even know that you are gaining weight because of the drugs. So, be very wary of the medications prescribed to you. Check with the doctor and ensure that the drugs will not result in any weight gain. If they do, then ask the doctor to prescribe alternatives. And importantly, stick with the recommended dosage and never take any drugs beyond the prescribed limit.