3 Tips For Dealing With Pain When Hiking Or Hunting

Hiking Or Hunting

If you love to hike or hunt, then you’re likely used to strapping on your outdoor clothes and gear and hitting the trail. But even if you love these types of activities and are in good enough physical shape to head outdoors whenever you want, you can still experience pain and discomfort when hiking in the mountains. So to help you reduce this pain, here are three tips for dealing with pain when hiking or hunting. 

Don’t Ignore It

The first thing you should know about getting pain when you’re hiking outdoors, according to Stefan Wilson, a contributor to GoHunt.com, is that you shouldn’t ignore it. Especially if this isn’t the normal aches and pains that come from just using your body for too long, it’s vital that you take any pain you’re feeling seriously

Once you start to feel any pain in your body while out in the wild, make sure you take some time to access where exactly the pain is coming from and then figure out what you can do about it. If it’s acute pain, head out as soon as you can and as quickly as you’re able so that you can seek medical help. But if the pain is something that you can handle dealing with yourself, make sure you have a first aid kit with things like pain reliever medicine and various wraps or braces to help give your body the support it needs. 

Check Your Posture

Many times, if you’re feeling physical pain in your joints, bones, or muscles while you’re hiking or hunting, one of the first things you’ll want to check is your posture.

When you’re walking miles and miles with extra weight on your body, like most people do when hiking and hunting, your body may adjust its posture to compensate for carrying that weight. To fix issues like this, Lee Welton, a contributor to TrailsideFitness.com, advises that you ensure that your pack is resting on your shoulders and hips as opposed to your back. This will better distribute the weight. You can also strengthen your core to ensure that your body can maintain a healthy posture even under the weight of your pack. 

Consider Using Trekking Poles

Sometimes, if hiking for long distances under a heavy pack is too much for your body to handle on its own, Annemarie K., a contributor to REI.com, recommends that you bring some trekking poles along with you. By using trekking poles when romping around the mountains, you can displace some of the weight from the areas of your body that are hurting, like your hips, back, and knees. 

If you frequently experience pain in your body when hiking or hunting, consider using the tips mentioned above to find way to alleviate this pain while still being outdoors.