Most Popular Face Mask & Sanitizer Buying Trend In 2021

Face Mask & Sanitizer

The new age always brings new things and they never cease to surprise us. Whereas we are busying tackling Coronavirus, our year-old habits have been changed, which also impacted our buying decisions. For instance, we never focussed on wearing masks even when had a cough and cold or flu and non-hesitantly ventured outside places; it was very common to not wash hands after playing outside and entering the house. These have changed, not a little bit but quite a lot.

Let’s see how COVID-19 has affected people’s buying decisions in general:

  1. People are buying handmade masks

Fashion can never go out of one’s life and even in the days of the pandemic, people have not forgotten to taste it. Handmade masks are made from natural fabrics, offering optimum comfort and breathability to your skin. Problems such as disturbance in inhaling or exhaling won’t arrive in these masks.

Moreover, when you buy handmade masks, you are directly supporting small scale businesses and making a firm place in the market for their business as well. In this crucial time of economic crisis, buying designer handmade masks online is the best way to keep up the flow. Also, these are 3 ply masks, thus safe to wear.

  1. Sanitizer bulk orders have increased

Well, bulk ordering can save you a lot of money and help you to keep a big stock in reach. Sanitizer bulk ordering has thusly become the next big trend among us. For these types of orders, people are searching for the most reputed online brands to shop for sanitizer bulk order. If you are ordering in huge amount, it is always a better idea to be assured and have read the return and exchange policies of the online brand.

  1. Opting for big bottles of sanitizer sprays

Investing in big bottles of sanitizers is always the best way to save more and have tension-less days.

They won’t finish early, which seems kind of a good way in these lockdown days. Also, if there are two or more members in your family, you might wish to purchase big bottle sanitizer sprays.

  1. Opting For 3 Ply Mask

You might know that there are different types of face masks available in the market. Depending on the number of plies, face masks are ranked and opted as per the user’s suitability. For added protection, N95 or KN95 seems to be the most suitable.

  1. Buying 70% alcohol sanitizers

CDC has recommended that 70% or more alcohol content would be suitable to fight Coronavirus. It has been seen that alcohol possessed sanitizers work best against pathogens.

  1. The sale of disposable masks soared

Another shocking fact is that the value of global disposable face mask has seen a peak since the end of 2019. The market experts are also expecting its growth up to 53.4% by or near 2027.

The reason behind this is of course Coronavirus and its behaviour, in which people instructed not to use the same handmade mask again and dispose of the used one immediately in the garbage or safe & closed pack.