4 Reasons Your Skin May Be Breaking Out


For some people having great skin is something that they have to work hard for.  Not everyone was born into this world with a  movie star perfect complexion.  It can take a lot of product application and even visits to the dermatologist in order to achieve smooth happy skin.

For others, however, despite their efforts, they can’t seem to figure out why they keep breaking out.  It seems that no matter how many creams they buy or how many articles they read with the latest DIY face masks, their skin is still breaking out.

The reason for your skin breakouts may be something that you haven’t considered yet.  Here are some of the most common reasons that people don’t even suspect.

Too Much Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can start to take its toll on your entire body including your skin.  Since alcohol is a toxin, it will start to sweat out through your pores which can lead to breakouts.

Not only does alcohol clog your pores when you sweat it out, but it also is high in yeast.  When your body has high amounts of yeast in it, your skin can start to have negative reactions.

If you are having regular breakouts and alcohol is something that you consume regularly, try cutting it out of your diet for 2 weeks and see if you notice any visible differences.  If you find that you see a dramatic difference after you stop drinking alcohol, you may want to consider stopping drinking altogether.

Too Many Fried Foods

Fried foods are high in fat and oils which in turn are secreted into our skin.  The old saying you are what you eat could not be further from the truth.  Rather than eating foods high in fat and grease, try incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals and you will see a big difference in your skin.

If fried foods are something that you would like to have once in awhile, try opting for healthier versions.  For example, rather than french fries, try sweet potatoes fried in coconut oil.  This healthy swap out could make a world of difference on your complexion, and also waistline.

Touching Your Face Too Much

Our hands are touching things all day long which are full of germs and dirt.  When we put our hands on our face following the things that we come into contact with, this will transfer onto your pores and create breakouts.

Try washing your hands throughout the day and limiting contact with your hands and face.

Using The Wrong Face Wash

If you use a face wash which is harsh for your particular skin type, you may want to consider trying a different formula.  When you use a milder soap this can do wonders for your skin if it is sensitive.