4 Signs It May Be Time To Take a Break From Alcohol


Alcohol is something that people indulge in from time to time as a pleasure to be enjoyed with food or amongst friends.  Alcohol in itself isn’t a bad thing. However, when indulged too much, it can start to cause a variety of problems.

Besides health problems, it can start to make your life feel out of sorts.  If you are starting to suspect that you may have been drinking too much, ask yourself if you start to notice the following symptoms.

You Can’t Go A Day Without Drinking

If you start to notice that you aren’t comfortable going through the day without having a drink, then this is a red flag.  People who associate activities with having an alcoholic drink in hand are at risk of developing an addiction.

People who start to seriously develop an addiction can find themselves going through withdrawals which is much more serious than just a craving.  Keep a close eye on yourself if you start to feel your hands trembling or heart palpitations.  Talk to your doctor immediately if you feel any of these symptoms.

You Are Frequently Fatigued

Drinking alcohol in excess can start to make you feel tired.  When you have large amounts of alcohol in your system and go to bed, you don’t enter a deep sleep. You will feel more fatigued in the morning than if you hadn’t had any alcohol.

Alcohol inhibits entering a deep sleep state, and in turn makes you feel as if you hadn’t slept at all.  Try to avoid drinking heavily particularly before going to bed and you will notice that you are much more rested.

Your Bank Transactions Are All In Bars

A sure sign that you have been drinking too much is if your bank account is a reflection of that.  If most of your transactions are from bars and restaurants, then you are not only drinking too much, but you are spending your money in all the wrong places.

Imagine how much better off you would be financially if you used this money towards something more useful for your future.  Like investing in property or buying something that you have been wanting for a long time.

Your Personal Relationships Are Suffering

Often when we have had too much to drink our emotions can be heightened and we are more sensitive than usual.  This can start to carry over to our interpersonal relationships and cause more arguing and drama.

You are also more likely to cancel plans due to hangovers and general feelings of laziness due to big nights before. Limiting your drinking or cutting it out completely can breathe a whole new life into your personal relationships.