Shakeology when nursing

picture of happy mother with baby over white

There have been many questions from different women on whether it is right to consume shakeology while nursing and so I will have a few answers for you right here.

It is good to acknowledge how nursing mommies are careful with what they consume but at the same time, it is good for them to worry about the dyes and preservatives in this supplements.

It is safe to consume shakeology when nursing. Shakeology is healthy for both the mother and baby unless the mother has some sort of sensitivity or allergy to any of its ingredients. There are some women who have been told by their doctors that shakeology contains some high amounts of Vitamin A which is not safe.

If any doctor gives you such information, it means that he or she has little education or information on the matter. It is true that high level amounts of Vitamin A in the form of retinol has been associated to birth defects. However, the Vitamin A present in shakeology is in the form of plant based beta carotene that later converts to Vitamin A while in the body.

Shakeology contains natural ingredients which are super plants. None of this ingredients have been contraindicated for nursing women. So as to avoid confusion of information from different entities, seek advice from your personal or trusted doctor before consuming any supplements.

However, since some of them have not undergone formal nutrition training it also important for you to do your own research. Make sure that you ask a lot of questions and seek reasons for every medical advice that you receive.

Remember that doctors are just advisors and not the final decision makers because they will never agree what is best for anyone, they all have different opinions. So you are the only one in charge of your body and that of your baby.

Sometimes it is so funny when you think why doctors will warn nursing mothers only against Vitamin A in shakeology but not anything else. Someone who has studied plant biochemistry and cell development will tell you carotenes which help in giving plants its rich yellow, red, green color also supports in photosynthesis and at the same time function as antioxidants in plants.

Antioxidants holds on to molecules with unpaired electrons and helps them in becoming stable. Research strongly suggests that free radicals can damage DNA and cause mutations that can lead to cancer.

That’s why it is very important to eat fruits and vegetables of every color. So when doctors say that Vitamin A in shakeology is harmful, it is a misguided information!

For nursing mummies out there, you can choose to have an addition of coconut or almond milk to your shakeology instead of water – very nutritious and has healthy fats in it. It is very important to note that Shakeology should only replace one meal and the other meals of the day should be healthy whole foods.

Before deciding on whether you should consume shakeology, kindly seek the advice of a medical doctor or your midwife.