5 Different Ways To Treat Cold And Flu Using Home Remedies For Life


Cold and flu can catch anybody, anytime. Normally, people are vulnerable to severe cold and flu when the weather cycle changes. When you get a mild headache, runny nose or nasal congestion, or watery eyes, these are the symptoms of a cold.

Body aches accompanied by high fever and severe cold, prolonged for several days are symptoms of severe flu; however, you do not have to keep sick for many days. What happens is that all of us prefer visiting the doctor as the safest and best option instead of keeping sick for many days.

Have you ever wondered that home remedies also work wonders in case of cold and flu?

These are some effective home remedies that will save you from cold, congestion, and flu for all times only if you swear by them to follow. These are the home remedies for life only if you swear by them; you will never fall sick.

  • Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are packed with loads of antioxidants. Just as garlic, onions to can wash away toxins from the body. These two have very powerful antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which act as a protecting shield for your immune system. Thus, it is recommended by the doctors as well to relieve a chronic cough and cold. Onions remove toxins from the body thus giving relief from severe flu.

  • Honey and Lemon

Honey soothes your sore throat. It gives relieves to a chronic cough. Hence, eating honey regularly is beneficial. In a tablespoon full of honey, add a few drops of lemon. Take this every night post-dinner, before going to bed. This will help relief sever a cough caused due to cold and flu.

  • Olive Leaf Extract (OLE)

Olive leaf extract can fight various diseases. Thus try to take OLE which comes in capsule form. Taking this tablet a day will help your body fight from viruses.

  • Ginger

Ginger too acts as an anti-inflammatory medicine to cure a chronic cough. According to Ayurveda medications and treatment, ginger can cure a chronic cough and allows the body to get rid of toxins. It also boosts the immune system, and its regular consumption helps in curing sinuses as well.

  • Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon is the oldest spice that is used in cooking by Asian countries. Largely found in Asian countries, the cinnamon powder can cure a cold and flu. It should be taken either with a tablespoon of honey. It relieves a sore throat. Add the powder in tea or consume it with honey.

The most important point is keeping you germ-free. Hygiene should be the topmost on your priority list. Always wash your hands every time you grab something to eat. Mouth and hands are the major sources of germs and viruses getting into our body and attacking our immune system. Therefore, if your immune system is even a bit compromised, you will get affected easily to cold and flu.