5 main causes of erectile dysfunction


One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is the age factor. Many people don’t know this, but as you age, you also lose your capacity for doing sex. This is why many people don’t want to age, but unfortunately, we have no control over that. One can hinder the process by using the medicines and surgeries, but gradually it is the reality. So if you are facing the issue of erectile dysfunction and your age is above 50, it is not you to blame, but your age.

Obesity is also one of the common causes of having erectile dysfunction. Obesity means having more fat in your body than usual. This fat not only affects the muscles in your body, but the other organs as well. AS you know that fatty muscles are hard to move, this is why it is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. If you are also suffering from obesity, you need to control that as soon as possible, because it is exposing you to the risk of prostate cancer, a cancer related to the prostate gland in men.

  • Alcoholism:

Alcoholism not only hinders your brain activity, but it also affects the physical performance as well. People who are alcoholic are more likely to have erectile dysfunction than those who are not. Alcohol also affects the liver directly and too much of it can damage it permanently. So if you love alcohol, and you are facing the erectile dysfunction at the same time, you have to reduce the use of alcohol and if possible stop it permanently.

  • Smoking cigarettes:

Smoking cigarettes also affect the male’s sexual activity. It reduces the desire of libido both in men and women. Smoking reduces the amount of semen in men making sex more difficult for them. The chemicals from the cigarettes also affect the parts of brain that is involved in the sexual activity making it less interesting for men.

  • Drug addiction:

Drug addiction is the worst case scenario for a person with erectile dysfunction. They physically and mentally damage the person and make them useless. So the first thing to do is to stop them from ruining their life.

If you are not from any of these categories and you are still facing the erectile dysfunction, make sure to use the Cialis Super Active for better performance. You will notice the difference on your own.