As we all know, organic produce is completely safe and overall health to consume. Organic food is very popular and has been a benchmark for many food brands in the world because of it contains a very small amount of pesticides compared to mass-produced crops, vegetables and fruits that is alarmingly contains a lot of pesticides and other harmful chemicals just to maintain the quality of the produce.

Pesticides and other chemicals related to eliminating pests are widely used in conventional agriculture and farming and sad to say large amounts of these harmful chemicals from the pesticides remain the produce and are usually being eaten without noticing it which results to harmful effects to the body while organic produce like Organic Fruit & Vegetables doesn’t contain most of these harmful chemicals and preservatives making it safer to be consumed.

A lot of farmers shifted to organic farming because of its profitability and it is also easier for them to draw more consumers to buy their products because of its good reputation and it’s health benefits that are very ethical beyond the money and popularity. Organic farming, in fact, has tons of environment and health benefits and in this article, let me show you some of it.

All local and organically grown fruits & vegetables in wooden vegetable crate held by a woman. Shallow dof, crisp focus across all the vegetables. Crate contains: peaches, green apple, peppers, green beans, rondelle carrots, baby carrots, zucchini squash, tomatoes, basil, fennel, kale, lettuce, broccoli, potatoes and radishes.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY– Organic farming which highly discourages the use of pesticides and preservatives to prolong the existence of their produce also has benefits to its environment since most pesticides contain harmful chemicals and substances that contaminate the soil making it more acidic which contributes to poor quality of products while the harmful chemicals that are sprayed into the air can also affect the atmosphere and the environment. The chemicals that contaminated the soil will take more than ten years to completely dissolve naturally. Synthetic pesticides also destroy the concept of smart farming practices specifically crop rotation and cause soil erosion also.

HEALTHIER SOIL AND ENVIRONMENT– Organic farmers use organic fertilizers such as animal waste, biodegradable wastes such as dried leaves, spoiled foods and other stuff that is easily decomposed and turns into natural fertilizers which results to a healthier soil very ideal for organic farming. Having a healthy soil also contributes to maintaining a completely healthy crop because the soil can house as much as 600-million to a billion helpful good bacteria that maintain the crops completely healthy until harvest.

PREVENTS EROSION– A study confirmed that the comparison between an adjoining organic and chemically treated farming soil resulted to a higher topsoil from the organic field compared to the chemically treated soil. In this way, the top soil is the one that maintains the strength that glues other parts of the soil together thus reducing the effects of erosion.

FIGHTS GLOBAL WARMING– Most pesticides contain harmful chemicals that contributes to global warming unlike organic farming where the farmers practices using organic fertilizers for their crops. They also use mild pesticides to most of their produce to reduce their contribution to green house gasses that comes from these pesticides. Also using organic materials for farming was proven and tested by experts in the reduction of carbon dioxide production into the atmosphere.