5 Ways Stress Negatively Impacts Your Health

Stress Negatively

When most people think of stress they automatically assume that it’s an emotional reaction to a tense or difficult situation. However, stress can also take its toll physically. When we are under a lot of pressure, it can result in physical issues that may require the help of a doctor. Whether your stress is due to your conditions on the job, or tensions are high in your personal life, stress isn’t good for anyone. Take a look at some of the effects that stress can have on your overall health.

Poor Sleep

When our brains are spinning and we feel uneasy about the conditions of our life, it can start to wear down our sleep patterns. Insomnia is not an uncommon reaction to stress, and it can be a vicious cycle. The less you sleep, the more tired you are, yet well the more tired you are, the more difficult it becomes to fall asleep. Some people may have to turn towards asleep remedies like prescription medication, or meditations to help calm their thought patterns before bed.


Stress can be a common trigger for extreme headaches known as migraines. In some cases, migraines can get so bad that they can affect a person’s ability to get out of bed. If you’re experiencing migraines in reaction to a stressful or difficult situation, it’s always important to see your doctor as it could be a sign of a bigger issue like a brain tumor.

Weight Fluctuation

One of the first things that change when people are experiencing stress is their appetite. If you start to feel hungrier than usual or have a greater aversion to food than usual, then it could be a reaction to your stress. Some people may tend to turn to food towards comfort when they’re feeling anxiety, while others can’t stand the sight of food. Excess in either direction is harmful, so make sure that you’re carefully watching your eating habits.

Panic Attacks

Stress can increase your heart rate, which in turn can start to make you feel panicked. People experiencing a panic attack may mistake it for a heart attack, or something more serious. As your stress hormones continue to flow through your body, your heart beats faster so that the blood flow can reach all of the important organs in your body. If you’re experiencing panic attacks regularly, you should see a doctor to discuss solutions.

Lowered Defenses

If we are exposed to stress for long periods of time, it can start to affect our immune system. People who get sick frequently are often people who are living stressful lifestyles. By reducing the amount of stress you’re exposed to in life, you won’t just be happier, but your physical wellness will thank you for it as well.