8 Safety Rules to Follow While You are Riding a Two Wheeler

Riding a Two Wheeler

Two-wheelers are more prone to accidents than other modes of road transport, causing about 17 deaths in the country every hour. While there can be no substitute for safe and responsible driving, a two-wheeler insurance policy provides you financial cover in case of an unfortunate event.

It is important to follow road safety rules while riding your motorcycle or scooter to avoid any mishaps. It’s also prudent to protect your dream bike with a third party two wheeler insurance against damages, theft or third-party liability in case of an incident. You can also buy bike insurance online to get the best deal with the insurer and save on your premium amount.

So, here are 10 bike safety tips to follow while you are riding a two-wheeler in India:

  1. Always wear a helmet

It is mandatory to wear a helmet for the rider as well as the pillion while riding a two-wheeler on Indian roads. Besides attracting a penalty, it can be dangerous to ride without a helmet as head injuries during accidents can prove fatal. Make sure the helmet fits snugly and is strapped on securely.

  1. Follow traffic signals

Obey traffic signals while driving. In addition, follow traffic rules and pay attention to road signs. It is also important to watch the movement of other vehicles, especially while braking or accelerating at the crossroads.

  1. Make yourself visible

Even the biggest of motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the roads. Try and improve your chances of being seen by other vehicles. You can wear bright colored clothes or helmets and use reflective bands to increase your visibility. Another good practice is to keep your headlights switched on, even in daylight.

  1. Maintain safe distance

It’s important to always maintain a safe distance with other vehicles while overtaking or moving in traffic. Never stop right behind or ahead of a vehicle and make sure you have enough space to move around. Do not try to cut or move ahead when there is little space between the vehicles to avoid any collision.

  1. Maintain your bike well

Make sure your two-wheeler is in excellent shape by having it serviced regularly. Conduct a self-inspection on the condition of brakes, tyre-pressure, horn, lights, and suspension, etc., before starting the ride. Besides reducing the risk of accidents, it also increases the fuel efficiency of your bike.

  1. Never drive when you’re intoxicated

You should never attempt to ride a two-wheeler or even a four-wheeler while you are under the influence of narcotics as it makes a deadly combination. The effects of alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances make it very dangerous for you to drive as it affects your decision-making abilities while riding a bike, and alters your perception of balance.

  1. Avoid distraction while riding

Always be aware of what’s happening on the road – obstacles and other vehicles – to avoid getting hit by them. It’s not a good idea to use headphones or talk on mobile phones while riding a bike. Stay focused and don’t take your hands off the handles unless required.

  1. Always ride smoothly

Always ensure that while you are riding, you drive at a constant speed without overusing the brakes or accelerator. Follow the movement of other vehicles and ride at the same pace as the vehicles around you. Abrupt use of brakes may give wrong signals to the vehicles behind you and can cause accidents.

It is paramount to stay alert and avoid distractions for a safe and pleasant two-wheeler ride. Always wear protective equipment and make sure to leave enough room to factor in possible mistakes by others, in order to avoid a collision. In addition, avail a two-wheeler insurance policy to take care of financial expenses arising out of an accident.

The Bottom Line

Two wheelers are more prone to mishaps than other vehicles plying on the roads. A two-wheeler accident can prove fatal for the rider and can cause serious injuries. It is important to follow a few road safety tips while riding a two-wheeler and protect your bike with a two wheeler insurance policy against the damages, theft or third party liability.