A three-day plan for military diet – the effective plan for weight loss


If you are looking for losing your weight faster, the best way there is the military diet. It is one of the most popular diet that is accepted in the world to be a perfect diet for any one. the meal here is having two parts in it. The first part is of three days, where calorie intake is kept completely under control. The second part is of four days, where calorie intake is increased till 1400 calories, but you will be having healthy stuffs. So, the food habit here is for three days basically, with an intact restriction. In this phase the calorie intake is not more than 1100 calories a day by any chance.

The food practice in the military diet is excellent and the results are even more evident. Different surveys showed that this diet plan is quite effective for all and it is even possible to lose 10 lbs within a week, while following this diet chart.

The basic plan here is of three days and that includes a complete package. Here is the day by day package system that you will have to follow for the first three days:

Day 1 plan for you

The total calorie that you will be consuming on the day 1 is 1400 calorie. Here are the details of the three meals. Make it a point that there are no intermediate meals or any type of food consumption, other than water.

  • Breakfast: Toast not more than one slice, with peanut butter. Have half the grape fruit and a cup of coffee and nothing more than that.
  • Lunch: In lunch again have a slice of toast and tuna (half cup only). You can add a cup of tea or coffee added with it, which optional, depending on your taste.
  • Dinner: Eat 85 grams of meat with green beans. Have a small sized apple with it and half of a banana. At the end add a cup of ice cream (vanilla only).

Day 2 menu for you

You are now accustomed with 1400 calories and so it is time to go even lesser. On the second day the diet chart will be of 1200 calories only and not more than that.

  • Breakfast: In breakfast have one slice of toast and an egg. The egg must be a hard-boiled one. Have half of a banana and if you like have a cup of tea or coffee, whichever you prefer.
  • Lunch: Have a fully boiled egg and a single cup of cottage cheese. You can have a cup of coffee along with crackers. The crackers must not be more or less than 5 in number.
  • Dinner: Have two hot dogs, without the bun. Have a drink with half cup carrot extract and half cup of broccoli extract. Half banana and ice cream at the end.

Day 3 Menu for you

On day 3 you will have to decrease the diet to 1100 calories and that is the last day for your 3-day military dietplan. Here the chart is almost same, with crackers, apple and cheddar cheese in breakfast, toast coffee and egg in lunch and tuna banana and ice cream at the dinner time.

For the last four days, you will be eating healthy, but the calorie intake must not be more than 1400 calories.