Top 5 Benefits of Using Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary essential oil is one of the most natural ways for enhancing and improving one’s beauty. All those people who love to be beautiful naturally and also want to do some beauty tips by themselves they are in for a good surprise here. Also, for all those who have been looking for some good benefits of using rosemary essential oil, they can find those below as well:

  1. Memory

There are no side effects of inhaling rosemary vapors, instead people have increased personal orientation due to that when done in the morning. It also helps to prevent or even treat Alzheimer’s. It has even been tested to help out elderly with dementia.

Hence, rosemary helps to be alert besides bringing feelings of contentment too. They also help in quality of memory and secondary memory too. Even calming effects have helped for impaired reactions for attention tasks alongside too. Rosemary has been known to enhance memory when taken during exams too.

  1. Digestion

Rosemary provides soothing digestive uses. The liver is detoxifies and gall bladder function is also increased. All gastrointestinal complaints can be gotten best rid of through the detoxification provided by rosemary. According to studies, the bile flow is increased to prove helpful for fat metabolism. This also reduces the plasma liver enzymes and reduces diabetes type 2 risks as well.

On the other hand, the bile production enhances the gallbladder balance in the microflora of the gut. This way proper peristaltic activity is increased and nutrients are absorbed more for absorption and prevention of toxic overload.

  1. Pain

Muscle aches and pain is also relieved thanks to rosemary essential oil. Even the salivary cortisol levels are affected through rosemary aroma therapy. Hence, the stress hormone is relaxed and free radical activity is enhanced as well. Therefore, there is less oxidative stress and protection from even chronic issues.

  1. Nutrition

Rosemary has great nutritional value. It is a very rich antioxidant while it also has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties too. This is all due to the sheer presence of cortisol in it. It also helps against cancer for prostate, breast, skin, leukemia and even colon too.

Rosemary balances androgen and estrogen, lowers DHT and increases prostate health, reduces cancer risk, increases nerve growth factor for healing and helps the nerve tissue as well.

  1. Hair Growth

 When rosemary is applied to the scalp it has tremendous benefits. Hair growth is increased, baldness, slow graying, dandruff and dry scalp is prevented too. Rosemary lotions help to have increase in hair growth by 22.4%. They increase growth rapidly. They increase the microcirculation for promoting healing. This way hair resists traction and hair loss after shampoo is also lessened.

Hence, the above specified five uses are among the top 5 uses for rosemary essential oil while there are many other uses and benefits of this essential oil too. They can be applied into through lotions, topical formulas or even DIY natural organic recipes found online foe effective uses in different areas as well.