All you need to know about dentures, including their benefits and if complete and partial dentures usually look alike


People with missing teeth have their quality of life lowered because their self-confidence and self-esteem are usually affected; however, no need to worry because dentures help you restore your smile. That is why Glendale dentures and partials are fixed by a team of specialists who have several years of experience, thus ensuring your smile remains natural as if you have natural teeth.

What are dentures?

One of the excellent ways of restoring or reclaiming your smile, especially if you have some or all your teeth missing, is using dentures. Dentures are removable prosthetic devices used to replace missing teeth in your mouth. Partial dentures are used to replace a couple of missing teeth, while full or complete dentures are used to replace an entire dental arch.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Typically, replacing your missing teeth with dentures has various benefits, including restoring the fullness of your face, making it easier for you to chew food, and also improving your ability to speak. They also restore your smile. It is because a smile is the first thing that people usually notice about you. It is also an essential tool used when you are communicating and expressing yourself to others because a smile is more than a collection of teeth.

Do full and partial dentures look like natural teeth?

Due to improvements that have taken place in denture technology, today’s partial and complete dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than they were before. Most of them usually use a gum-colored acrylic base that can be shaped to match your smile. It also ensures that the dentures blend with the rest of the oral tissues and surrounding teeth. Dentures also consist of artificial teeth that are typically made up of composite or porcelain resin. Both of them ensure that the dentures match the translucency and color of your natural enamel. Therefore, after wearing dentures, everybody assumes that you have a beautiful and full natural smile.

How are full or partial dentures different?

In most cases, the facility offers partial or complete dentures depending on how many teeth are being replaced.

  • Full denture

When you want all your missing teeth in your smile, complete dentures are usually used. Therefore, full dentures are used to replace all the teeth in your entire lower arch, upper arch, or both. Similarly, full dentures that are used to replace your upper teeth have a base that covers the roof of your mouth. But the full dentures for the lower arch are shaped like a horseshoe to accommodate your tongue.

  • Partial dentures

Partial dentures are commonly used when you have healthy natural teeth that you want to keep and still have the missing teeth replaced. These dentures either clip to your neighboring teeth with an acrylic base with custom-cut holes in it using a metal framework. Doing so ensures that your natural teeth poke through and work hand in hand with your artificial teeth.

Therefore if you are interested in beginning the process of restoring your smile using partial or complete dentures, call or visit Alta Canyada Dental Group today. You can also schedule your appointment via phone call or online.