What Are Digital Impressions?

Digital Impressions

Due to the rampant advancements in technology that have positively impacted the dentistry world, there has been the emergence of digital impressions, also known as 3-D intraoral scanning. This process includes using laser scanning to take images of the mouth. Through the help of a wand-like tool connected to advanced software and a computer, your dentist can easily create a virtual model of your mouth and use it to make accurate crowns, bridges, dentures, and retainers. In this article, we explain what Cedar Park digital impressions are and tell you why you should get them.

Digital Impressions: Definition

Digital impressions are dental procedures that involve the use of optical scanning devices to build a computer-generated virtual replica of both the soft and hard tissues in your mouth. Due to cutting-edge technology, these images are usually captured with the help of digital scanning lasers that are not only accurate but safe. Once an accurate impression of both your gums and teeth is collected, it is immediately transferred to a PC to build your restorations, which are later placed in your mouth.

Types of Dental Impressions

Currently, there are only two types of dental impressions being used by dentists. The main difference between the two is that in one, images are captured in the form of digital photographs and sent to dental laboratories and dentists. While in the other, images are captured in the form of digital video. Nonetheless, both types have proven to be effective in helping patients restore their smiles.

Traditional Vs. Digital Impression

·       Traditional Impression

For most patients, traditional dental impressions are quite unpleasant. This is because in this treatment the patient’s teeth are clamped in place for several minutes with a goopy material that obtains the impressions for bridges, veneers, and crowns for the patient. The main disadvantage with this treatment is that it is not suitable for patients who have gag reflexes.

·       Digital Impression

Currently, the most sought-after dental treatment for most patients involves dental impressions. In this treatment, the patient feels a lot more pleasant and comfortable. Dental impressions not only restore the smiles of patients but also have a positive impact on the dentist’s experience as well.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

Certainly, by now you are fully aware that dental impressions are much more efficient, productive, and accurate than traditional impressions. The following are some of the main benefits of digital impressions for both dentists and patients:

  •       It is less time consuming
  •       More accurate and detailed dental images and video
  •       Guaranteed satisfactory dental results
  •       Dental impressions are much more pleasant
  •       In contrast to traditional impressions, dental impressions are eco-friendly
  •       Patients no longer have to worry about throwing up midway during the procedure
  •       Patients feel more involved in the treatment since they can easily see their impressions on the computer’s screen


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