Are you wondering how the Elisa test works? Read this


Most often when you take ill, you want to stay home and try and be the doctor to yourself; you try to treat yourself of an illness that you probably do not even know about. You then call this cutting costs or even saving or spending wisely. You need to know that you have not been doing the right thing. You would only be fair to yourself if you fall sick and go to the hospital.

It is important that you get the right kind of attention. You may be treating something that does not even exist and in so doing, giving the real illness time to kill you slowly. You must have heard of instances where one is suffering from an illness that has similar signs and symptoms to another illness.

It would be so bad if this person takes to treating herself/himself because in real sense, you will be treating the wrong thing. This by itself has many effects including your body becoming resistant to certain drugs. This is because you took those drugs when you actually did not really need them. It is therefore important that you go to a hospital and get tested when you take ill.

When you visit the hospital, the doctor may request for an Elisa test to be carried out. This could be for many different reasons. Elisa test is normally carried out to rule out the possibilities of a certain condition. This makes diagnosis easier for the doctor. You are probably asking yourself questions like, ‘Can Elisa test detect HIV?’

The answer is yes, it can. Most people know the Elisa test for detecting the HIV virus only. What you do not know is that Elisa test is also done to detect many other illnesses such as:

  • Syphilis
  • The Lyme disease
  • Pernicious anemia, among many other illnesses.

It can also detect varicella zoster, which is well known to cause chicken pox. Most of you, if not all of you, must have gotten chicken pox at one point in your lives. How does the Elisa test detect HIV? The HIV virus occurs in your body as a foreign substance. The body will then automatically fight the virus by producing antibodies.

When the test is carried out, if these antibodies are found present in your blood, there will be a reaction which will indicate that you are positive. In the event that the test is being carried out on a person who does not have the virus, then there will be no reaction at all, which will indicate that you are negative.

The Elisa test is the most accurate test that you can get done. There is absolutely no room for errors. The only time an error may occur is probably when your blood sample is mixed up in the laboratory. This is a very rare occurrence though. For HIV virus testing, Elisa test will give you accurate results.


Grace Simon is a 31-year-old lady. She studied medicine at the university level and eventually started a hospital back in her country. Grace says that she has answered the question ‘Can Elisa test detect HIV’ 1001 times and her answer is always yes. She loves to read during her free time.