Beat Snoring With These 5 Simple And Easy Tricks

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Do you feel like snoring is ruining your life? Have you tried so many times to get rid of it but in vain? What if I tell you that you can now kick snoring out of your bed for life with some easy and simple tricks?

Fabulous, right?

Let’s face it. Snoring sucks, especially if you live and sleep next to your other half. You ruin both your sleep and his to hers. But time has come to really get rid of this issue once and for all.

I am here to share with some of the best tips and tricks that I personally tried and had success with.

If you are ready, let’s not waste any more time on the intro and get to the real work.


Off to the very first tip,

1. Tweak Your Sleep Position.

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This one is a no brainer. But it makes so much difference. Chances are you snore because you are not sleeping the right way. If you sleep on your back, you’re in a position where our tongue and soft palate meet, producing that annoying sound you sometimes are not even aware of. Before we go into the other tips, try to change your sleep position. Next time, instead of lying on your back, try to sleep on your side. If you find it hard to sleep on your side and maintain it for long, try to use a full body pillow. It helps a lot.

2. Ditch Extra Pounds.


While weight is not directly associated with snoring, as there are many fit and healthy people who snore, it helps to shed extra weight. If you happen to have snoring right after your throat has gained some fat, chances are your snoring is caused by extra fat. To get rid of it then, you simply need to get rid of the pounds hanging tight to your body, especially the neck area. On gainheal, I cover some tips and tricks that helped me shed weight without starving my teeth.

3. Have Your Nasal Passages Open:


Another contributing factor to snoring is blockage in your nasal passages. If you happen to have your nasal passages blocked, because of the cold for instance, you are likely to snore, even if you have never had it before. When these passages are blocked or narrowed, it is hard for the air to move smoothly. The best way to open your nasal passages is to use salt water and take a hot shower right before you head to bed. Using salt water, try to rinse your nasal passages thoroughly. This helps them open.

4. Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day


This is the mistake so many of us fall prey to. This alone is enough to ruin not only your sleep but your overall health. It is not enough to drink water when you feel like thirsty. If you wait till your body sends thirst signals, you are already in the dehydration phase. Drinking enough water every day keeps the soft palate and the secretions in your nose hydrated. As a result, they are less stickier.

5. Get A New Pillow

Bed Pillow

When was the last time you changed your pillows? So long, right? Having allergens in your pillows is one of many causes of snoring. Keep your room clean and change your pillows every now and then.

Your health should be your number one priority. To better take care of it, we are here t help. On, you will find some juicy stuff to help you out.


There you have it guys. Those are some of the tips that I personally had success with and helped me tremendously in beating snoring. As you can see, there is no mention of medicines or surgeries. To be honest, I don’t use medication and I am not really a big fan of them. I instead use home remedies listed above. They worked perfectly well for me. Hope they do for you as well, or at least lessen the snoring.


I would like to hear from you. See that comment box below? Give it a punch and let us know what other tips and tricks you guys suggest to lesson scoring? We are more than happy to hear from you.