Health Checkups As A Commercial Activity


As we have seen nowadays people are very conscious about their health. This consciousness leads to increased expenses on their Healthcare. Health doesn’t mean that there is only the absence of diseases from the body but also total that is mental, physical and social well being. With the decreasing life expectancy, there is a change that has been seen in people regarding their health. In many countries like India the health sector is not as efficient as some other countries. There are a lot of years left to make them as effective as required.

As everybody must have listened to the phrase that prevention is better than cure, the seriousness of this phrase has been taken into account with the increasing death rate and seen as a very important part in one’s life. There is a provision of master health checkup which means the check up of the body as a whole. The problem with this check up is that it is not regulated and seen as a medium to increase income of the checker. There is a need to make people aware of the situation and tackle this commercialization of these checkups. One has to be aware that the physical and mental well being of people is being sacrificed.

How are health checkups carried out?

There are three important factors that are considered when a health checkup is done. These three factors are the age, sex and some other individual factors that are to be checked while performing the check up. There is a need to determine the number and frequency of the test through a scientific and evident approach following the standard guidelines set internationally.

There is a possibility that doing various tests on a body may harm the body through radiations and sometimes there is a psychological disease that there is some abnormality in a body but there is no conclusive evidence of that abnormality.

It is unfortunate that there are a lot of providers of these checkups, who don’t fulfill the above aspects. This is because there is no regulatory or guiding body to these providers that can be a clinic, a Diagnostic Centre or a hospital. The perception of his centers or providers is that the more the number of tests the better the quality of the test which is not correct, but on the contradiction, there is an ill effect of carrying out more tests on a body that are mentioned above.

In a developed country or say a country with a good health care system where is proper target of population which has to be checked up and also these are regulated and international standards are followed and there is a clarity of thought on which and how many tests are to be done with the intervals of the same. On the contrary, in developing countries like India everything is random and this can lead people to be misled or reassured of their false well being.

So, to summarise, one has to be very aware when he or she is being tested or carrying out the health check up. To do the process periodically can prove to be an asset for the health of the people.