Beauty Salons – A Booming Business


If you are considering moving into the beauty business, it’s easy to understand why. Salons and Spas are popping up everywhere, which is a reflection of how important image is to the modern lifestyle, and with a range of state of the art treatments, you could soon be opening your second and third outlets.

If you are looking for the best salon equipment in Australia, there are online suppliers with just about everything you could possibly need. Salon chairs, massage tables, and workstations are all available, and with a range of styles and colours, you can be sure to create the right image.


Of course, the right location is crucial, so spend some time looking for the ideal spot. The closer you can be to the high street, the better, but a leafy suburb shopping mall could also be a good place to open a beauty salon. Adequate parking is essential, and think about the style and character of the building, which will play a part in the overall ambience of the salon.

Identify and target your client groups

Spend some time thinking about the kind of people your salon is aiming to attract. Some salons specialise in certain treatments, and this might be suitable for a specific age group, but it is generally a good idea to offer a wide range of treatments, even if you specialise in only one or two. Once you have decided who your target group will be, you need to think about how to reach them.

Marketing strategies

The Internet has dominated marketing for several decades now, so whatever your business, you will need a strong online presence. Your website should be vibrant and dynamic, with high resolution images that give the consumer a taste of what to expect, should they decide to make an appointment. Create a team page and showcase your staff, adding some images and details of their important skillsets.

Social media

Facebook and Twitter are both very lucrative avenues for a salon to acquire new customers, so create an account with both, and post regularly. Include any testimonials on your site, as people are reassured when they see positive comments from happy customers.

Reward your loyal customers

It makes sense to retain customers, and this can be achieved by rewards. Points accumulated can result in significant discounts, and by offering introduction incentives, your existing customers will recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Run promotions all the time, and add treatments periodically, keeping abreast with the latest trends.

The right staff

This is a vital part of any successful salon, as the staff will be the people who transform your clients. It isn’t enough to have experience, you want outgoing and friendly people who will create a warm and friendly atmosphere, which is the heart of every successful salon. The manager is the most important person of all, and if you are not going to take the helm yourself, find someone with a track record in the industry.

Creating a successful beauty business is all about planning and making the right decisions, and with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, you could be the next success story in your town.