How Internet Has Led to a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Sector


“Advent of Internet is the birth of new age marketing and development.” ~ Anonymous

Internet boom, undoubtedly, has been one of the integral cogs in the machinery of Indian economy system and also one of the major contributors to the economic growth. The number of Internet users since 2000 has increased alarmingly by 69 times in metro cities and by 33 times in semi urban towns. Ultimately, the use of internet has also increased drastically by 11 times over the past decade owing to its wider reach, potential benefits and overpowering growth. For every little object, buyers now rely heavily on the power of a click which helps them save precious hours of the day. The alluring benefits have forced companies to tap in the internet world for social selling and widen their reach ultimately resulting in increase of sales and profits.

Product based companies are not the only ones tapping into the online world. Sectors like healthcare have made a bold mark by setting up various facilities online that serve to the best of patient’s interest. Keeping up with the fast paced life of people, there is a leading website named that allows you to book appointments online with without any ruckus. DrRiight aims at changing the way how practitioners function, and provides full liberty to you to find experienced and reliable doctors. Now your search for an ENT specialist in Hyderabad or the best gynaecologist in Bangalore with DrRiight. All you have to do is select a type of doctor you require and the location and a list will appear. You can sort them on the basis of their availability and your preferred area.

Here is why you should start booking appointments online with DrRiight:-

  • Comfort – Given the fast paced life we lead, nobody intends to waste their time while waiting for the doctor to arrive and examine them. This is rather a tedious, old school task which now needs to be shed off. Through DrRiight, you can easily view certified doctors available in your local area, and book appointment at the preferred hour.
  • No Waiting – With booking online, the holding up business of doctor taking down your appointment or attending you after he attends somebody gets negated. You can reach at the designated time and save couple of hours instead of waiting in a room full of other ailing patients.

  • On the Go – DrRiight provides easy web application and with a tap you can book appointments and check the real time availability of the certified doctors enlisted, even if you are on the go. Therefore, online booking acts as the saviour for people who need immediate medical assistance and attention.

  • Verified Doctors – Nobody wants to visit a doctor who might expose them to the threats of a certain disease that needs to be dealt with maturely. DrRiight ensures empanelling skilled doctors with best practices for your comfort. The company issues a seal of verification after multiple checks and screening to help bridge the gap between doctors and patients.

  • Flexibility – With uber ease you can also book appointments for your parents, family or friends staying in a different state by just clicking the type of doctor they need and their locality. For future reference, you can also save the particular doctor to your preference list on

  • Authentic Clinics – DrRiight also ensures that you visit a verified clinic and thus they reflect the stamp of a graded clinic on their platform for you to make an informed decision.

Almost every family can recollect the nightmare of losing someone close to the demonic clutches of worst medical assistance and lack of healthcare facilities. The days of low quality medical care, midwifes, zero assistance and unavailability of skilled doctors has gone with the wind. Thanks to the internet boom that has swooned people across the continents, we can now expect revolutionary changes that transform the face of healthcare in India.