Blood Pressure: Monitor at home, the easy way


High blood pressure also know hypertension is a situation when the blood pressure is higher than 140-159 over 90-99.hypertension has already effected half of the world population and it is estimated that nearly 75 million people have been effected by the same in US alone. Get the best blood pressure monitor here.

Best monitors available in market:

There are many monitoring device available in market under different brand names that promises the best result available. They are inexpensive, portable and shows accurate readings. Omron series, EW3109W by Panasonic, BP2M by Ozeri, Santa medical’s adult deluxe Aneroid, A&D medical premium digital are some of the devices that are on top of the customer’s list when it comes to preference. Omron 10 series the most recommended blood monitoring device due to its accuracy and efficiency. Omron 10 series is a wireless device with one touch functionality that makes it easier to use. The main feature consists of a sleeve that is universally compatible when it comes to the size of the arm.

This monitoring device flashes a green light for the normal blood pressure reading and red if hypertensive. Also one of the best features of this device that makes it more user friendly is its Bluetooth facility that enables it to connect any heath apps to monitor further. It has large LCD display with enlarged digits which makes it all the more attractive. Second on the list of the best blood pressure monitor is the Panasonic EW3109W which is almost as good as the previous one. Its feature consists of one touch, easy to use and attractive flash warning system that notifies your blood pressure within 30 seconds automatically. The best part is that the device uses digital filter technology for accuracy and has noise cancellation technique to filter out unwanted sounds. It is also equipped with a large digital display that further facilitates ease for readings. Third on the list is the Ozeri cardio tech premium series that functions on the color alert technology. It is a wrist cuff design, has clinically proven accuracy, and being portable makes it a really easy to use device. The device indicates the green color if the readings are normal, orange when pre hypertensive and red when hypertensive. It also consists of large screen like the rest. The fourth on the list, A&D medical UA-651 digital blood monitor is widely recommended due to its cheaper cost. The features includes monitor with large display and one touch functionality. It comprises of an arm cuff equipment. Santamedical pro series wrist digital monitor comes here at the fifth position. But the device comes with the new technology that automatically inflates to the appropriate readings. Nearly 60 blood pressure readings are stored in the device and the device makes beeping sound once finished. The device has a large attractive display and an auto power off system. All the above mentioned provide almost accurate readings and are amongst the best recommended. Monitor at home, the easy way with a blood pressure monitor.