How to consume Anadrol 50


Before you use any steroid, you have to make sure that you would use it right. It is not enough to only use any anabolic steroid. If you consider using any anabolic steroid, you would probably consider Anadrol 50 mg. This is the preferred dosage and you can see several reviews showing the before and after results of Anadrol 50. From gym goers to online articles, you would get lots of updates on this niche.

How to Take Anadrol?

You must know the important cautions to follow before you opt for a particular dosage. There are different dosages recommended for people who start off for the first time and people who have been using the drug for a long time. You can generate mass and also gain quick weight if you have proper dosages. For example, you can gain almost have 20 lbs within 4 weeks. Although the most common dose is 50 mg, a lot of people consume 25 mg.

How to Use Anadrol 50 Properly

There are steps to follow so that you can take Anadrol in the right way. Strength athletes have lots of benefits from Anadrol 50 and they use it within a 4-6 week cycle or stack it for longer usages. Some constants of Anadrol that doesn’t change are:

  1. You need to consume it everyday
  2. You need to avoid high sodium diet with it
  3. You have to consume it with food

People who would like to consume Anadrol only should follow:

  • Taking a 50 mg tablet every day for 2 weeks
  • See the level of tolerance by the end of 2-3 weeks
  • When you make good gain you must stay at 50 mg
  • If you don’t think you have reached your goal, you can increase the level to 100 mg for 3-4 weeks
  • You must taper dosage gradually to finish 25 mg daily usage
  • Begin a post cycle therapy program for stimulating the natural level of testosterone

How can you stack Anadrol?

Many users tend to stack Anadrol with drugs like Testosterone, Nandrolone, Dianabol, and Trenbolone. These could enhance the benefits if you follow for the first 6 weeks:

  • Start the drug at 50 mg for 2 weeks
  • Enhance to 75 mg on 3rd and 4th week
  • Enhance it further to 100 mg on 5th and 6th week
  • Finish program with different synthetic hormones
  • Start the post cycle therapy

People who have used the tips and the important cautions to follow have made the best usage of the drug. Anadrol is usually available in 50 mg, so people consume that as the minimum. However, it might not be safe for you for initial dosages. Some people like to consume less than 50 mg. We would recommend you to keep a doctor in concern to following these dosages. It would help you know the accurate level of what you body can endure. It would also prevent dangerous side effects.