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The workout shake is a nootropic supplement that is considered as the cognitive enhancer as well as stimulant. The difference between the original racetam called piracetam and phenylpiracetam is the phenyl group. This addition makes this nootropic supplement post workout shake than original piracetam. This drug can create effects on central nervous system by performing as a stimulant. It has been reported that this drug can be used to enhance the physical performance. Athletics and body builders who like to enhance their physical performance can take this nootropic supplement before their workout routine. Everyone will be suggested different dosage levels depending on their needs. People can buy this type of nootropics online at the best online drug stores.

Directions on taking phenylpiracetam

This drug is available in pill and powder form. This piracetam cross the blood barrier in brain more effectively with the help of phenyl group. This means users can take small doses for achieving the benefits. This drug can stay in the system of a person for longer period and becomes active quicker because of its efficiency. This is best option for people who are productive driven individuals and students. Students who take this supplement can get help in studying for a longer period than usual. Thus, they can stay alert, active and focused during examination. Users are not advised to take this supplement daily. They should take in a routine cycle. Individuals who like to try this and stack can find this supplement works with alpha GPC and citicoline. Once a user takes this supplement, it will bind to glutamate and acetylcholine receptors. Then the neurotransmitters are increased resulting in activeness. Thus, it yields several cognitive benefits.

Benefits of using phenylpiracetam

Since this drug is closely connected to piracetam it also offers several benefits to the users including cognitive benefits. This supplement is considered as the best one than original piracetam users can experience quick benefits. This supplement can help the users in increasing their memory and speeding up recall. The density of acetylcholine is increase within hippocampus an area that is used to store memory for long time. Next benefit of phenylpiracetam is it increases the learning ability of users with its higher level of concentration and focus. This happens due to rise in the density of acetylcholine. Another benefit users can obtain from this supplement is increased mental energy. This let users to feel motivated and more productive.

This can also reduce the feelings of user’s mental fatigue after a hard day. Generally, users use this supplement in morning in order to feel positive effects throughout the day. Making improvements in the reaction of body to stress is another benefit of using this nootropic supplement. Users can find improved body reactions to fluctuations in temperature and pain tolerance. They can also find deduction in the mental stress along with better mood. These occur because this piracetam has a direct link to the control on dopamine receptors and GABA. Increased endurance and stress reducing are some other benefits of phenylpiracetam.