Dance Your Way to a Better Body


Exercise and fun aren’t always words that feel like they belong together. Maybe the thought of stepping on the treadmill makes you want to give up all hope of fitness or you can’t even imagine joining in on a cardio class. You probably haven’t tried dancing your way to a better body.

Dancing is about more than learning the right steps or finding your balance. It’s about moving your body, burning calories, and finding confidence in yourself! There are a number of different types of dance to choose from, so if you don’t mesh with one style, there’s more where that came from. Dancing is something you can do anywhere, by yourself or with a group! Are you interested in dancing your way to a better body? This guide will get you started!

Table of Contents

Choose Your Style

There are so many fun styles of dance to choose from. You don’t need any fancy skills or classes to get started! Join a beginners class at your local studio or even just look for tutorials online that show you the steps as you go along. What you’ll need to do first is choose the style of dance that sounds like the best fit for you. Let’s explore some of the most popular styles of dance for fitness and who they’re best for!

Belly Dancing

I bet you didn’t expect to find belly dancing first on this list! Belly dancing is a long-standing tradition in many cultures, and it’s also a really great workout! This fun dance not only keeps you slim and lean, but you’ll learn all about the movement of your body in ways you haven’t even dreamed of! You’ll find belly dancing to be an empowering way to get to know your body while working out. A strong belly dancing routine can burn up to 300 calories per hour, and it’s even shown to improve posture and relieve back pain!


You don’t have to be graceful to start with ballet. While ballerinas might seem dainty, they’re actually major athletes! The balance and movement at the core of ballet make muscles strong and challenge the body! Ballet fitness is becoming a popular dance movement in many gyms across the country! By practicing ballet, even as a beginner, you’ll improve your flexibility, muscle conditioning, and cardiovascular fitness. Plus, who wouldn’t want to look a little more graceful?


Ballroom Dancing

There’s something so fun about commanding a room with your dancing! While you probably won’t be on Dancing with the Stars any time soon, that doesn’t mean you can’t practice ballroom dancing on your own! There are a lot of different styles of dance within ballroom to choose from like the jive, the rumba, or even the tango! Pick your poison and get moving!

Jazz & Hip Hop

Finally, the last style of dance that’s perfect for beginning fitness is jazz or hip hop. These types of dance are probably what you’re already the most familiar with, and it’ll be easy to get started! You might not start off looking like the dancers in the latest pop video, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there! With energetic movements, you’ll build strength, endurance, and muscle! Jazz and hip hop are the perfect dance styles for all ages and fitness levels.


Getting Started

It’s easy to get started with dance as a physical activity! Unlike other sports, you don’t need any complicated equipment. You don’t even need any formal training! There are a lot of free resources online like dance channels on YouTube or popular blogs. If you do opt for a class, you can look at both your local gym and your local dance studio. Dance studios always offer beginning classes in whatever style of dance you choose. Similarly, gyms are beginning to offer dance style fitness classes for all levels!

As for equipment, you just need clothes you feel comfortable in! To feel extra confident no matter your skill level, consider purchasing dance clothes! This site has everything you need for dance in one place. Some styles of dance like ballet might require special apparel or shoes to get started, but other ones have more flexibility in your workout clothes.

The main thing to remember is that it’s just about moving your body! It’s okay if you don’t get all the steps right the first (or even the third) time! As long as you’re being active and trying your best, you’re doing it right! Dance is proven to be one of the best ways to stay fit and active, and you don’t have to lift weights or run long distances. Are you ready to start moving?