Deca Durabolin And Its Side Effects


What is deca durabolin? Before we jump into the bandwagon of side effects it’s better to find out what deca durabolin is and what it effect it has on our body and why and what causes the side effects. It is very is very important to note that side effects are causes that come with every medication and they may vary from person to person and not all the people may get all the aforementioned side effects, it is a warning and making the consumer aware of what he is ingesting and the consequences that may occur.

Deca durabolin had an active life of 14 to 16 days. It has been seen that the steroid has good androgen receptor which makes it a unanimous choice by muscle enhancers to take deca durabolin.

The benefits of deca durabolin

  • The main benefit of the drug is improving bone density and muscle growth.
  • The full cycle with Deca for a period of six to eight weeks has lead to the increase in the production of red blood cells.
  • The main draw of this drug is that it can be used both in the off season and during the professional playing days.
  • It helps to increase the appetite which in turn helps in the muscle building process.
  • It is even said that the athletes face cramps and joints pains due to intense workouts are relieved by the use of this drug.
  • The mechanism that really makes it a popular choice is that it helps in protein synthesis and the retention of nitrogen in the muscle.

Right dosage of deca durabolin

It has been recommended that 2mg per pound of body weight. It can be 250 to 500mg per week up to 8 to 12 weeks.

Since it has androgenic quality, women take lower dosages and for a lesser amount of time say 50 to 150mg per week and for a period of 4 to 7 weeks.

The side effects of deca durabolin

Neglecting the side effects would be like jumping into the sea without checking the weather forecast. There is also no need to panic as timely intervention of a medical profession when you face such side effects will get you out mostly unscathed. If you face a side effect it is better to stop the medication and seek professional help immediately.

The common side effects which have been seen with people ingested deca durabolin in large doses, for a longer period of time than mentioned, their body has reacted adversely to the drug because of a underlying condition etc.

Due to bladder contractions, the person will suffer from frequent urine visits.

There will be tenderness in the breast, which means a slight uneasiness in the chest area in women.

In men there will be painful erections which will really bad and embarrassing too.

There are chances of enlarging of the breasts.

The appearance of masculine characteristics such heavy vocal chords, hair growth all over the body etc.

The skin breakout which has a resemblance to acne perhaps even severe covering the entire face.