Difference Joint Vs Blunt


The biggest debate of the century between inhalers is JOINT VS BLUNT. Truly, it is being debated over and over since forever. But the answer is simple and quite easy that what suits you, is better. So, let’s dive into it and learn some differences between Joint and Blunt.

To understand better, we can differentiate them on the basis of these following categories:


The biggest difference between joint and blunt have, with what they wrapped in. Joint and blunt both have one common stuff inside “Marijuana” But what makes the difference is what the marijuana covered with. A joint is often rolled with cigarette paper or hemp or rice even. But the blunt is the innovator here. A Blunt rolled in tobacco leaf or cigar wrappers. So, the joint always gives the full taste of marijuana whereas the blunt makes it smooth with the tobacco flavor.


A joint, wrapped with the hemp or rice paper. Thus, most of them have white and a bit of tan color. Joint is the easiest and quickest option to go for since it uses the cigarette paper resulting in a white or light tan-ish look. Whereas, Blunts are wrapped in tobacco leaf and paper providing it Brownish look. Blunts are always brown. But the Brown exterior of blunt gives it a great look with the inside green marijuana.


Joints allow us to experience the full taste of marijuana as the wrapping papers are flavorless most of the times. Whereas, blunts have the number of varieties with wrapping tobacco leaves. With blunts, it depends on how and what flavored tobacco paper we use.

The above categories are the major difference scale between a joint and a blunt. Size is also a difference, but one can always use the power of common sense and make it obvious that blunts are bigger as they have more stuff into it.