Do You Know What Causes Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer

Your skin is a very sensitive organ, and it can get infections when interfered with. When your skin is infected, it develops rashes, which later develop into acne scars. These acne scars protrude outwards like excess growing skin. When your skin develops scars, it is vital to seek medical attention since they can be cancer cells. According to research, skin cancer develops when you expose your skin to sunlight. There are many types of skin cancer that you can develop, which include melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma. If you have scars on your skin, visit the medical spa in West Palm Beach for diagnosis and treatment. The below paragraph explains how skin cancer is diagnosed.

The diagnosis of skin cancer

There are several ways your doctor can diagnose the presence of skin cancer. The ways include:

  • Skin examination. This is the most used way of diagnosis. Your doctor will evaluate the scars on your face to determine whether they are cancerous cells. If they have developed into cancer cells, your doctor may suggest immediate treatment. However, further examination is needed for confirmation.
  • Sample testing. Your doctor will take some of your skin pigments and take them through lab tests. These tests will show the presence of skin cancer. According to specialists, skin cancer is treatable at its early stages.

In most peoples, skin cancer may develop without knowing. This is because people do not take caution when scars develop on their faces. Below is how skin cancer can be treated.

Methods of treating and managing skin cancer

There are several ways your doctor can treat skin cancer. These ways include:

  1. Surgery. Surgery is used to treat the overgrown cancerous cell. During treatment, your doctor uses a scalpel to cut the cancer cell or tissue, including the surrounding skin. The wound is then washed and disinfected to avoid infections.
  2. Freezing. Freezing usually treats those cancer cells that have not overgrown. Your doctors use liquid nitrogen to freeze the cancerous tissues and scar. When they freeze, they become dormant, thus they do not grow anymore. These scars fade out with time.
  3. Radiotherapy. Your doctor will pass high radioactive rays such as x-rays around the affected area. This process is also known as chemotherapy. You only undergo radiotherapy if your skin cancer has several developments beyond control.
  4. Medication. Your doctor may prescribe some medications to kill the cancer cells.
  5. Biological therapy. During this treatment, your doctor will boost your body with some immune supplements that will fight the cancer cells.
  6. Photodynamic therapy. This treatment involves the use of laser light and drugs to kill cancerous tissues.

Many people across the world suffer from skin cancer without knowing it. The occurrence of skin cancer can also be accelerated by wearing make-ups and using toxic lotions. If your skin has weird scars, consult L.A. Vinas Plastic Surgery & Med Spa for diagnosis since they are the best.