Dr. Victoria J Mondloch – 2 Key Surgical Procedures Gynecologists Use to Treat Female Infertility


All young women love to experience the pains and joys of giving birth to a child. Medical experts specializing in the field of gynecology say they need to understand an important fact. Becoming pregnant and carrying it to the entire 9 months is never an easy process. A number of very serious complications can arise during this phrase which can result in infertility. These individuals certainly don’t want to go through such an ordeal. Fortunately, these doctors state that they shouldn’t lose hope. Thanks to the advances in technology in this field, it is possible for them to conceive.

Dr. Victoria J Mondloch is a prominent gynecologist and obstetrician from Waukesha, Wisconsin. She has over 20 years of valuable experience in this field. Her area of expertise in the treatment of menopausal disorders, uterine leiomyoma, and premenstrual syndrome. Throughout her illustrious career, she has been successful in curing women with fertility issues. Thanks to her skills and efforts, they are now happy mothers. In fact, she makes it a point to educate all her patients while diagnosing them. She explains women need to understand the changes their bodies go through during pregnancy. Only then can they take the necessary precautions. In recognition of her contribution to this branch of medicine, she has won numerous awards. The most important one is the ACOG Fellow.

Dr. Victoria J Mondloch says female infertility is a condition which affects many young women in America. A recent survey shows one in every 3 of these individuals can’t get pregnant for a variety of reasons. The disorder may occur because of ovulation problems, endometriosis, uterine abnormalities, infections, and autoimmune ailments. She explains proficient gynecologist first has diagnosed why his/her patient can’t conceive. Only when this doctor is able to determine the cause can he/she prescribe the right treatment. This could involve taking drugs or undergoing surgeries.

Victoria Mondloch says gynecologist resort to the following 2 important surgical procedures to treat female infertility:

  1. Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy


Doctors perform such surgeries to rectify or remove any abnormalities in a patient’s uterus. This may be necessary when she is experiencing severe cramps during her menstrual period. It can involve removing the pelvic adhesions, endometrial polyps, or certain fibroids. This may be necessary to correct the uterine cavity. Taking such a step can give her a better chance of becoming pregnant over time.

  1. Tubal surgeries


Hydrosalpinx is a fluid which may fill the Fallopian tubes in some women. In such circumstances, it is virtually impossible for them to become pregnant. Gynecologists treating such patients conduct certain surgeries to deflate these organs. In some cases, they also create a new opening. This improves these patients’ chances of conceiving.

Dr. Victoria J Mondloch says female infertility can turn out to be a woman’s worst nightmare. They’ll never be able to enjoy motherhood and society won’t hesitate to label them as barren. Fortunately, they don’t have to go through such an ordeal. The above 2 important surgeries can improve their chances of becoming pregnant. This is what they want.