Enjoy Quick COVID-19 Test Results at A State-Of-The-Art Testing Center in Minnesota

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COVID-19 is a disease caused by a recently identified coronavirus strain that is extremely infectious. For certain patients, the disease triggers a variety of symptoms, which might be life-threatening. COVID testing options at GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing in Edina, Otsego, and Ham Lake, Minnesota, include molecular, antigen, antibody, and PCR. If you experience COVID-19 symptoms or have been in direct contact with somebody who has tested positive, the highly qualified team will instantly give you the required information. Make an appointment by calling the Ham Lake testing center office or scheduling one online. On-site community testing and same-day services are also available.

What COVID-19 Laboratory Tests Are Available?

GatherWell is a privately owned and operated laboratory that offers a wide range of COVID-19 testing with prompt and precise results. The Minnesota Department of Health has granted the laboratory a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) Certificate of Waiver.

With this certificate, they can use the most innovative testing tools available and conduct reliable, fast COVID-19 testing on-site. The available COVID-19 lab tests include:

  •       Antibody testing
  •       Antigen testing
  •       PCR testing
  •       Molecular testing

How Will GatherWell Help You Get A COVID-19 Test?

Steps to follow:

  1. Make an appointment on the website
  2. Arrive at GatherWell on time for your appointment
  3. Drive up to the swabbing tent or queue in the line
  4. Remain in the car and continue driving ahead until you are swabbed
  5. You will obtain the results within minutes of swabbing
  6. Organize your life with up-to-date details

What To Expect During COVID-19 Lab Tests?

GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing provides you with the necessary COVID-19 lab test guidelines. They ask that you report to the testing site on time for your scheduled meeting and abide by the posted signs for a swab. You spend the whole time in your car.

During your lab examination, the practitioner sticks a shallow nasal swab in your nose and carefully rotates it around in both nostrils for several seconds to extract the sample. The lab providers will give you guidance on how to obtain your findings after you are swabbed.

The results of antibody and antigen tests can be obtained in as little as 15 minutes. Since PCR test results are sent to an off-site lab for analysis, they are available within 24-48 hours.

From start to finish, the lab test procedure is simple and fast. Besides, COVID testing is usually reimbursed by most insurance providers.

How Reliable Are COVID-19 Lab Tests?

There are currently no COVID-19 tests that are 100 percent accurate. There are several tests available to determine whether you have or have had COVID-19. Your unique symptoms, condition, testing intent, and exposure will determine the best test for you.

To ensure the best results for your COVID-19 test, GatherWell utilizes the most sophisticated lab testing accessible. For instance, according to the existing Antigen testing system, the negative outcome has a 98.2 percent chance of being right. On the other hand, the positive result has a greater than 99 percent chance of being correct.

No delay; know your COVID-19 test results today! Call the nearest GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing office or use the online booking service to find out more about your testing choices.