Everything You Need To Know About Non-Invasive Face lifts


Many available cosmetic procedures are designed to make your face look much younger, rejuvenated and refreshed. Non-invasive or minimal invasive face lift procedures that are quite popular today are thread face lift and ulthera face lift.

Ulthera face lift

This procedure is non-invasive, where the focus is on treating your face skin to become more tighten and lifted, giving you refreshed and younger look. Some people see this procedure as an alternative to surgical procedures, but you should be aware that the results are not as drastic as with surgical ones.

Everything You Need To Know About Non-Invasive Face lifts

Ultrasound treatment is a new way to reach your desirable tighten skin

This ulthera face lift Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is based on ultrasound energy which will be penetrated deep into the skin, causing a new collagen production which will last for some time after the treatment. So, you can expect to see the final results after a few months.

Thread face lift

A thread face lift is considered as an alternative procedure to a surgical face lift. It is a minimally invasive procedure and it is designed to reduce sagging around cheeks, jawline, neck with almost no risk and more quickly than the surgical approach.

During the procedure, specific threads will be used to hold the repositioned skin which will go right under your skin making them non-visible, while your skin will be lifted and tightened. The traces of this surgery will be minimized, and as time passes, your skin will only look better. As for the price of the thread lift procedure, you don’t have to worry as it is more affordable than an invasive face lift.

Thread face lift

Threads are designed to pull the skin and make it tighten, lifted and smooth

As it is a minimally invasive procedure, you may not need anesthesia, but if you wish to remove every discomfort, local anesthetics can be applied. Depending on the type of your skin and how much it sags, the procedure can last form one hour to two hours. The doctor will make very small insertions through which he will insert very small threads, that will pull back and lift the sagging bits.

Because this treatment is done while you are awake, you will see results right away and you can tell the doctor if you are not satisfied with something. After the threads are placed, they and the scars will not be visible so you don’t have to worry about them.

This treatment is much more affordable than the classical face lift and thread lift in Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will suit your pocket and face lift goals. As the new collagen is produced, as time passes, you will notice that your skin is becoming smoother and tighter, giving you a rejuvenated and younger look.

Final word

A good doctor will advise how you should treat your face after the procedure, and he will explain what you can expect when it comes to risks and results, so make sure to find a specialist in whose hands you will feel safe.