White, Golden and Black Pearls – Benefits of These Pearls


Pearl can play many different roles in our life. It is considered as moon stone that influence our luck too.

Pearls are also available in many different colors and the influence of a pearl necklace can be different from white or black pearl stone.

Let us look at the effect of different colors of pearls.

White pearl

Following are the benefits of wearing white pearl:

Good for mental stability

Moon is considered to be the ruler of our mind hence wearing white pearl will provide relief from various mental stress and sicknesses.

Fertility power

White pearl can also influence fertility among women; particularly those women who are suffering from menstrual problem, infertility or hormonal problem may get relief.


If your moon is weak then it can also cause eyesight problem however wearing white pearl can be useful for diabetic eye, dryness in eye or cataract problem.

For children

If you have young child who is suffering from any disease very frequently then white pearl can be useful.

For healthy heart

White pearls can also help in improving our heart health.

Golden pearl

Removes delay in marriage

If someone’s Jupiter is weak then it may cause delay in their marriage or create certain problem. By wearing golden pearl, you can avoid this problem.

Resolves conflicts in marriage

Also, if there is any marital discord in the couple then wearing golden pearl can improve the situation.

Black pearl

Brings good luck

Black pearls are considered to be a lucky gemstone and the fortune of the person who will wear black pearl will immediately change.

Confidence in women

Also, black pearl can improve the confidence in women. Besides that, it can heal number of illnesses in their body and also control the temper.

Useful for pregnant women

It can also protect those women who are pregnant from evil eye. If a woman is full with negative thoughts or emotions then black pearls can absorb all those negative energies.

Other health issues

People suffering from hormonal disorders, headache, migraine issues or many other health related issues can be benefitted by wearing black pearl.