Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow hair

To increase the charm and appearance people opt for eyebrow hair transplant. Being spontaneous is the best piece of advice for people opting for eyebrow hair transplant. Who would want to have eyebrows that look unnatural, everybody wants eyebrows that look natural and it helps to show our natural beauty and get positive complements and attention from others. To get a natural look in limited place is very hard to create, so it requires years of extensive experience to perfect the procedure of eyebrow hair transplant.

Around 40 lakh people around the world face the problem of thinning eyebrows which causes bald spots in their eyebrows. Due to loss of hair in the brows people tend to lose self-confidence. Eye brow hair transplant is low maintenance and cost effective procedure which is available to enhance the beauty of both men and women.

You might rarely come across the word Eyebrow Hair Transplant at late night infomercial, in the website or in the newspaper. It is a matter of fear that millions of women go through. Whenever you have any doubt regarding any of the medical disorder you are free to take online medical consultation in Pune. You can also get the affordable hair transplant surgery in Pune. With modern technology treatment given are most effective and provide the best results.

Reasons for eyebrow hair loss

  • Heredity thin eyebrow
  • Growing old
  • Thyroid problems
  • Loss of eyebrow due to injury
  • Chemotherapy
  • Burns
  • Due to over picking in women

Eyebrow gives natural beauty as it frames the eyes, so the basic goal is to give it dimension for which it needs to be sketched and shaped in such a way that it creates a perfect symmetry and distributes the facial features to create magic for your face. As you know eyebrow is important for the appearance and it provides the expression with positive effects. The difference it creates in presenting your face is magical.

For recreating a perfect angle and direction for hair in the eyebrow it requires experience in surgical skills

It is really vital for getting the appropriate eyebrow which is artistic, balanced and has intent appreciation.

You will notice that there is basic difference between men eyebrows and women eyebrows. Men have eyebrows that are flat and women’s eyebrows are curved.

There are at least 500 hair follicles which is present in the eyebrows. The density of required hair has to be improved as it is the important factor which helps to create natural appearance. The angle has to be maintained of the existing hair growth in eyebrow hair transplant. The hair has to be placed and implanted correctly which is done by doctors who specialize in eyebrow hair transplant.

After two weeks of getting eyebrow transplant, the new hair which was implanted will fall off and it will grow back after 3 to 4 months. The patient should be aware about this and not panic.


The hair for the transplant comes from the scalp. Mostly one or sometimes two hair is transplanted at a time to give it a natural look. This procedure is very delicate and it requires perfect placement of hair into incisions which are angled at right position and direction to copy natural growth. To avoid damage to the hair and to minimize scarring, all-microscopically dissected hair grafts are used. According to the desired density and size and the amount of hair which exist, 50 to 325 hairs is placed into each eyebrows during this procedure.

How to protect eyebrow hair transplant

There is really no side effect for eyebrow hair transplant as it is a small procedure. Anesthetic injection is slightly painful as the eye side portion is sensitive. You will feel no pain after the injection.

Comparison between eyebrow transplant and cosmetic process

Cosmetic process for eyebrow is good as it makes it look brighter and longer. But you have to use pencil for the eyebrows during every occasion. But this solution is not for men and it will create problems for them.

Eyebrow hair transplant provides a complete solution for this problem. No one will be able to tell that the eyebrows look unnatural and it provides natural beauty.

After care

As we have mentioned previously, the transplanted hair in the eyebrows will fall out in two weeks and you should not be worried about it. For the first five days you have to be very careful while taking shower. You should take care not to rub the eyebrows in the initial stages. You have to avoid exercise for a few weeks after operation so that you do not perspire excessively and this will reduce the risk of getting infection. These instructions are given by the doctors to the patients who have undergone eyebrow hair transplant.


After the transplanted hair of the eyebrow fall off, they will grow back within 3 to 4 months. Full result will be achieved in 6 months. The hairs which are transplanted grow according to the scalp hair of the donor. With the passage of time the rate and speed of hair growth slows down. This happens because of the influence of the skin.