Facts You May Not Know About Periodontal Disease


Periodontal disease is the condition that causes tooth loss, resulting in the need for an artificial replacement. According to statistics, more than half of adults develop periodontal disease before they reach the age of 45. If detected early enough, the condition is easily treatable. However, very little is known about the disease and its prevention. Book an appointment with Ueno Center Dental Specialists if you have periodontal disease in Campbell for modern and effective treatment options. Here are some facts about the condition:

Periodontal Disease Can Be Spread To a Fetus

Doctors recommend that you seek treatment for periodontal disease as soon as you test positive for pregnancy as it could be spread to the unborn child. Untreated conditions increase the risks of complications during labor or late stages of pregnancy.

It Causes Bad Breath

People relate bad breath to poor oral hygiene. However, you could still have bad breath even after regular brushing and flossing. If you observe the correct oral care or have not had stinky foods but still experience bad breath, it may be time to seek a dentist appointment for treatment.

It’s a Silent Disease

A lot of people have periodontal diseases without even realizing it. This is because you can pass the early stage of periodontal disease without showing any signs or symptoms. Doctors recommend that you attend the annual checkup sessions to see what is going wrong with your health. Early treatment is easier than late treatment.

Periodontal Disease Could Cause Diabetes

According to research, periodontal disease does not just affect your teeth. It could have a severe impact on your blood sugar in its late stages. Therefore, you will find yourself developing diabetes even when there is no history of your family’s condition.

Diet Can Prevent Periodontal Disease

A healthy diet is a key to improving the quality of life. It has various benefits to the body, including the prevention of periodontal disease. According to experts, eating a healthy diet, especially dairy products, strengthens your teeth and keeps them healthy, preventing infections or diseases.

It is the Most Common Cause of Tooth Loss

Gums are essential to hold and seal the teeth against bacteria. Therefore, if they are compromised, the health of your teeth is also at risk. Gum infection progresses gradually and causes teeth to pull away until they fall out. It is essential that you adopt preventive measures instead of waiting until you’ve lost teeth because replacement is more expensive than early treatment.

Genetics May Also Cause Periodontal Disease

Oral hygiene and bacteria are the most common causes of periodontal disease. However, research shows that genetics could also be a risk factor. People who come from families with a history of periodontal disease may still develop the condition after regular brushing and flossing.

The Ueno Center Dental Specialists team evaluates your condition and personalizes a treatment plan that will cure your disease. One of the most common treatments is scaling and root planing. Book an appointment today for an annual checkup or treatment if you experience gum inflammation symptoms.