Facts You Should Know Before Getting a Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breasts are one of the defining features of a woman. Most women crave fuller, rounder, firmer, and lifted breasts, which society labels as more appealing. Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, PLLC, provides a breast lift in Fort Worth, helping women restore their self-esteem by giving them the features they desire.

What is the difference between a mastopexy and a mastopexy with augmentation?

A mastopexy is a breast lift procedure involving the use of a patient’s original breast tissue. A plastic surgeon then reshapes and lifts the tissue. Usually, they will remove a bit of skin to make the breast go back to a more aesthetically pleasing position, especially for patients who complain of droopy breasts but have good volume.

A mastopexy with augmentation involves using a breast implant to increase the volume of the breasts. Usually, candidates for this treatment have droopy breasts and want them lifted and larger. During the procedure, a surgeon will add an implant and then lift the tissue with the skin’s additional recession.

Where are the incision sites made during a mastopexy?

Usually, an excellent lift involves a reduction of the areola. Sometimes a reduction of the nipple is necessary because most women have it stretched after having kids or after having gained and lost weight. During a mastopexy, a surgeon will reduce the areola and remove excess skin from all over the breast. Depending on the amount of skin to be removed, certain incisions are required. There is always an incision around the areola and another vertical, a straight line down the fold. Sometimes, the surgeon may need to place a small incision in the fold. These incision sites are the most common, with or without reduction or implants.

Can you have a breast lift while you exchange your current implant?

Some women with breast implants feel and complain that their breasts are too large. In that case, a plastic surgeon may remove the implant and lift the breast using the patient’s tissue (if there is enough to be lifted) and still maintain a good shape to the breasts. Sometimes, a surgeon will replace a large implant with a small one and also do a mastopexy to reshape the breast. Therefore, a patient can do a lot of combinations with or without breast implants. The procedures depend on the wishes of the patient and how much original breast tissue is available.

Mastopexy post-op instructions

When you wake up from a mastopexy surgery, you will be wearing a surgical bra. This bra is crucial for six to eight weeks post-surgery, do not replace it with any other type of bra or garment, especially something that has an underwire because it is likely to rub on your incisions.

You will also likely have tape and dressings that you are not to remove on your own. Your care provider will remove them for you in the office, usually several days after the procedure. The surgical tape should stay on for at least two weeks.

If you have a breast reduction, you will typically have drains that ensure no fluid collects in your tissues. You will need to record the drain output twice a day, preferably 12 hours apart, for your doctor to calculate the drainage output and pull them out if your drains are beneath a certain amount.

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