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Fair Oaks OBGYN

When it comes to OB/GYN services, you deserve a proficient provider to ensure quality services and outstanding outcomes. As a woman, you should not settle for anything but the best to optimize your reproductive health. For Fair Oaks OBGYN, contact the providers at Capital Women’s Care to receive the best care.

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About Practice

Capital Women’s Care is known to be the grandest OB/GYN practice within the Mid-Atlantic region. Throughout their conveniently located outlets, competent providers and doctors dedicate themselves to offering patients outstanding, customized care in a secure, trusting setting where you can be sure your needs will receive the undivided attention.

As a woman, finding a trusted and adept practitioner in OB/GYN is what you see at Capital Women’s Care. Their services aim to take control of your wellbeing and health. Services available in practice include menopause treatment, pregnancy care, ultrasound services, pelvic floor and prolapse treatment, genetic screening, and contraception services.

Regarding pregnancy care, the practice believes that every pregnancy is unique and exciting for every woman. As such, they empower each prospective mother or couple, discussing your concerns and objectives during pregnancy, labor, and delivery to help you make informed choices. They strive to offer mothers the birth experience they deserve by supporting natural birth and VBAC delivery (vaginal birth after a cesarean section).

Your providers further encourage immediate bonding with your baby by letting babies born through vaginal delivery go straight to their mother’s abdomen. Also, the team recommends seeing your OB/GYN or gynecologist for further guidance and assistance during labor and the birth process.

Available Services

Capital Women’s Care offers a broad spectrum of quality services at their clinics. Their list of services includes:

  • Pregnancy Care Specialist- Suitable pregnancy care can make a big difference in expectant women. Surround yourself with a team of zealous, caring, board-certified providers at Capital Women’s Care for an exciting journey.
  • Gynecological Care Specialist- Routine gynecological care can help your practitioner identify health issues promptly before they become severe. Contact Capital Women’s Care for efficient routine women’s screenings and expert gynecological care.
  • Breast Exam Specialist- Breast cancer is on the increase. As such, breast cancer exams are vital for detection. Your dedicated specialists at Capital Women’s Care regularly offer numerous breast exams alongside other OB/GYN services.
  • Well-Woman Exams Specialist- Do not sit idle, guessing that you are healthy. At Capital Women’s Care, you can receive proactive measures to safeguard your health and maintain it at optimum condition throughout your years with well-woman exams.
  • Birth Control Specialist- Birth control is an effective tool for delaying or preventing pregnancy until you are ready. Within their locations, Capital Women’s Care provides numerous contraception alternatives, including IUDs, birth control pills, patches, and permanent birth control, customized to your needs.
  • Birth Control Specialist- Are you struggling with infertility issues or looking for an infertility specialist? Let your search end at Capital Women’s Care. Trust the skillful providers for the help you need to get pregnant.

If you seek an adept doctor, Capital Women’s Care, through its convenient outlets in Northern Virginia, is home to experienced gynecologists and obstetricians who offer comprehensive treatments and services. Call or book an online appointment with the experts today.